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The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a journey of the body, mind and spirit, taking well-being to an entirely new level and allowing the student to achieve harmony and balance. Physical asana...

Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga are “sister sciences” and go hand in hand as they both stem from the same ancient Indian philosophy and belief system dating back thousands of years....
Green Juice Fast

Green Juice Fast

I drank only green juice for 5 days… Eat Your Drink and Drink Your Food I just wanted to swallow the juice without tasting it, but a friend with diet experience...

Kinesiology 101

We were lucky enough this week to have a visit from Shades of Yoga’s resident Structural kinesiology and yoga therapy teacher. Queue… a fascinating session with lots of...


In the world of yoga the term ‘Namaste’ has an important role to play in any yoga practice. We have all heard these words at the end of a yoga class, but what does it...

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