Yoga is seeing phenomenal surge in popularity on a global level these days. Such has been its meteoric rise that even the Indian Prime Minster is active in promoting yoga internationally as an aspect his country’s global “soft power”. When there is demand for any product or service, it inevitably gives rise to a booming industry. Yoga is no different in this regard. It may have begun as an ancient practice of healing and meditation with a deep spiritual philosophy at its core, but the materialist impact of yoga in the developed world is all too real.

Globally, there are an estimated 300 million active yoga practitioners, or yogis. In the US alone, the number of practitioners currently stand in the vicinity of 35 million, and that number is climbing annually at a phenomenal rate of 20%. Incredible as it may seem, Yoga industry is the 4th fastest growing industry in the US at present. Yoga has spawned its very own dedicated consumer culture, with an average spend of nearly $500 per yogi. And with the spending increasing at an astounding 87% in the last 5 years alone, this is one healthy industry indeed!  Part of this spend inevitably goes towards yoga classes and certified trainers are in hot demand across the world.

There is a great positive vibe surrounding yoga. 98% of practitioners enter the world of yoga to improve their health. Over 70% of people who don’t do yoga still consider yoga as a safe and healthy practice. In the US alone, over 30% of the population are interested in taking up yoga in the next 12 months alone. That is a phenomenal 87 million people who might join the legion of yogis in the next few years at least. With Hollywood celebrities and politicians and sport stars publicly declaring their allegiance to yoga in recent years, it comes as no surprise that the demand for Yoga teacher training is spiking at present rates.

Accessibility and availability are the main factors fueling the present growth in Yoga. In earlier decades, yoga was restricted to dedicated yoga studios which were not that numerous. Now gyms and and fitness and sports training centers of all kinds are offering yoga lessons. Schools are are also including it in their curriculum, now that any misconceptions regarding its connection to the Hindu religion is a thing of the past. All these mushrooming yoga studios and classes need yoga teachers. And believe it or not, at present, it is estimated that only 50% of all yoga trainers out there have any certification!


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5000 years ago, when Patanjali codified the practice that we know today as Yoga, he didn’t receive any certification either! But yoga is a billion dollar industry spawning new products, services. Consumers need assurance of quality.

And with the rise Yoga retreats and tourism, there is a huge market at present for qualified and certified yoga trainers across the world. And with the advent of novel forms of hybrid yoga like SUP yoga and acro-yoga, this is a great time for enterprising and talented individuals to consider yoga training as a great career option.