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Who we are

An Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Training School and Continuing Education School

Shades of Yoga is an International Yoga Teacher Training school offering Level 1 (200 hour) RYT 200 and Level 2 (300 hour) RYT 300 Yoga Teacher Training courses as well as Continuing Education courses (YACEP) accredited courses with Yoga Alliance International. Our courses are held in Bali, Europe, Morocco and we are continuing to expand this collection of stunning destinations, giving you an opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in yoga, while nourishing the soul in stunning natural environments.

We also offer shorter spiritual retreats and workshop in the above locations.

Shades of Yoga - RYS 300 And RYS 200 | Registered Yoga School

Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Training School

Our History

Shades of Yoga began with a vision to connect people around the world, through the art of practising yoga.

SOY director, Tracey Rohan Irwin, began her personal yoga journey over 20 years ago, and opened her first yoga studio in Umhlanga Rocks in her native South Africa. After three years in this location, which offered two yoga teacher trainings a year, Tracey and her team expanded to provide trainings in several other locations in South Africa as well as Zimbabwe and the island of Mauritius.

It was on a return journey to Bali, Indonesia in 2011, where Tracey had originally studied yoga a number of years earlier, that Shades of Yoga was born.  An ideal location was found, right in the heart of Ubud, known for its vibrant and healing energy that draws spiritual seekers and nature lovers from around the globe.  Shades of Yoga training studio is located in an idyllic natural setting, with a world class vegetarian restaurant on the premises, making it a sanctuary of peace and healing energy.   It is here that SOY run their 9 teacher training courses a year, drawing yoga enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

SOY has now expanded its trainings, with new locations being added regularly.  We have plans for upcoming courses in Morocco and several European locations coming in 2019.   As well as YTT courses, we are offering an array of shorter spiritual immersion courses as well as shorter YACEP courses. 

We have a wonderful team of trainers, versed in multiple healing modalities who bring their expertise to our courses. 

Since SOY began, we have trained hundreds of teachers and now Shades wants to create a community that connects teachers worldwide. Our aim is to provide support and employment opportunities through our new yoga teachers directory.  We envision building a Shades of Yoga family that will give us opportunities to share our gifts while enjoying beautiful natural environments. 

As yogis we are eternal students, always learning on the path of life and deepening our understanding of the incredible depths of yoga. We at SOY realise that life is constantly evolving and we have designed some powerful self-reflection courses to assist with the process of moving towards our own light.  As well as retreats and yoga teacher training courses, there will also be further trainings for yoga instructors who want to expand their knowledge and fine-tune their professional skills. These trainings will range from 20-100 hours and are a wonderful way for you to allow time for self-study and inquiry as well as advancing your teaching practice. This platform will link together like-minded people helping them thrive in their yoga career, while creating a space to share our universal passion to make the world a better place.

Cultivating an Understanding of our Inner Self.

Shades of Yoga holds firm in the belief that it’s only when we have developed a true understanding of the potent effects of the practice of yoga on the body, mind and spirit, that we can then effectively share these practices with others. Until we have cultivated an understanding of the inner self, we are not equipped to be a catalyst in the transformation of our students. 

Shades of Yoga offers two comprehensive practical Yoga training programs in how to teach yoga. These courses are suitable for experienced practitioners who would like to teach yoga in the future and also those who would simply like to deepen their yoga practice.

RYT200 & RYT300 Yoga Teacher Training Course

The RYT 300* Yoga teacher trainer course is available once a RYT 200 Yoga teacher trainer course has been completed. (This will be individually assessed).

Included in this Yoga training course is a mixture of Hatha yoga where we incorporate styles such as Iyengar and Ashtanga. We will learn how to combine a variety of postures (asana) into a Vinyasa flow, with specific focus on principles of alignment.

*The RYT 500 has been replaced by the new RYT 300 course

RYT200 - Yoga Teacher Training Course

RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training

Click here for more information on our RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Shades of Yoga | RYT 300 - Registered Yoga Teacher 300 Hour School - Why Us

RYT300 Yoga Teacher Training

Click here for more information on our RYT300 Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Shades of Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training School

YACEP Continuing Education Programs

Click here for more information on our YACEP Continuing Education Programs.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bali for our next International Yoga Teacher Training Course.

The 6 values of Shades of Yoga

Committed Training

Shades of Yoga is dedicated to equipping teachers with the skills and required knowledge to fulfill a commercial role at the end of their training.

Technique Focus

We strongly emphasise technique and alignment throughout our courses as safety is paramount to our teaching philosophy.

Small Groups

We are dedicated to providing you with the individual attention you deserve, therefore we specialise in intimate, small-group training experiences with no more than 16 students per course.

Stunning Destinations

We operate in stunning, tranquil destinations around the globe, with our flagship centre being based in Ubud, Bali.

Holistic Training

Shades of Yoga offers a holistic training program that explores yoga as a lifestyle and spiritual practice, not just as an exercise.

Believe in Yoga

Shades of Yoga firmly believes that yoga is for people of all shapes, sizes and experience levels. You don’t have to be young. You don’t have to be flexible. You just have to be.

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