What are you holding onto? a broken record of the story of your past, perhaps a cupboard full of clothes that might never adorn your body again. We all have something that we are attached to and cannot seem to live without, even it is proves no use or service to our life.

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Sage Patanjali gives us a list of ethical self-restraints called Yamas as below:-

  1. Ahimsa or non-injury
  2. Satya or truthfulness
  3. Asteya or non-stealing
  4. Brahmacharya or celibacy/right use of energy
  5. Aparigraha or non-attachment

Lets touch upon the last one being Aparigraha or ‘non-hoarding’ ‘non-greed’ or ‘non-possessiveness’ This important Yama gives us a life lesson to take what we need in our life and to let go of it once the lesson has presented itself. By the release of this, we create space for new experiences, great ideas and successful interactions to enter our life. The universe is waiting to present you with its very best if we are only open to receiving it.

There are several ways to practice aparigraha on the yoga mat, off the mat, and more so in our daily lives. Lets explore some of the seemingly simple ways:-

Surrender – Let go of that repeating story in your head that you are so addicted to. And create a new one, one with passion and vision. We all have a story in our lives, that bring us down and keep us from moving forward. Surrender and let go. Sometimes surrender is looked at as a sign of weakness, however it is far from that. Surrender is sometimes equated with giving up, however it is far from that. It is a conscious choice of being content with the situation, accepting it and then deciding to move onward and forward.

Create a new story – Let go of the past and create a new vision for yourself. Allow your passion to come alive and share with the world what you believe you are good at. Once you stop the need to satisfy other people and strive for their happiness, your story will come together, one of your zest for life.

De-clutter in your home – Our desks are a good example of our mind space. Our homes are a great portrayal of the structure of our thoughts. The lesser distractions you have in front of you, the lesser inside of you. Clear up the space in your home, office and give away to those who might be in need for it.

Nourish your physical body with wholesome food – Sometimes we cannot resist the temptation and whilst we must enjoy a treat from time to time, we must also have the ability to control our desires and not over-indulge.

Be generous to yourself. Practice self-care. Remind yourself that you are deserving of it. Attachment and hoarding comes from a place of lack and Yoga teaches us that we are already whole and so the question of lack should never arise . Remind yourself that you deserve all great things in life and the universe, the creator has a plan much bigger that you can ever imagine. Be obedient to that inner calling and you will see there was never any lack to begin with.

Aparigraha on the yoga mat – Sometimes we come to the yoga mat with a specific goal in our minds. While having aspirations and intentions for growth is applauded. Sometimes, give yourself to practice for the sake of. Without attachments to the end result, without the bodily obsessions. Allow yourself to be free and express on the mat whatever the body mind wishes to express. Life is so much more enjoyable when there is no obsession to an agenda.

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