Aquatic Healing

Aqua Healing is a beautiful and relaxing energy healing modality that takes you on a journey to your inner-self. Your body floats free from gravity in a 35 degree heated pool, whilst being held and stretched by a professionally trained therapist. It incorporates the use of three-dimensional movements and allows you to feel weightless and enter a state of deep relaxation and surrender. Energy also starts to flow through all parts of your body.

aquatic healingAqua Healing is a combination of Watsu and Water Dance, with elements of Shiatsu, Healing Dance, Physiotherapy and Manual therapy. While Watsu keeps you on the surface, working with elements of massage, joint mobilisation and muscle stretching to free the spine and move muscular and joint restrictions, Water Dance takes you on a meditative journey under water with a nose clip.

Aqua Healing works with Yoga based stretches, inversions and extensions, allowing your body to move freely and uninhibited by gravity. Aqua Healing gives you the opportunity to experience both Watsu and Water Dance, incorporating gentle stretching and floating movements, as well as dolphin-like movements under water.

Aqua Healing can alleviate stress symptoms, arthritic pains, back pains, trauma, insomnia, migraines and is good for physical and mental rehabilitation after surgery.

Sessions are generally 60 mins long, and each person will have their own individual experience of the treatment. For some the focus will be on physical effects like learning how to relax and let go. Others will be confronted with the emotional effects that certain memories might bring up, potential new personal insights might be realized, whilst others might discover a sense of safety and nurturing from past life experiences.