How to Become a Yoga Teacher

These days yoga studios are popping up right and left. From Costa Rica, to Croatia, Morocco, and of course, Bali, Yoga teacher trainings are covering the globe faster than eager study abroad college students. Though Yoga itself has been around for centuries, it has only recently exploded into the next biggest cultural phenomenon. Yoga leggings […]

How Do I Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Mandala with our Shades of Yoga YTT Certificate

Choosing the right Yoga Teacher Training course is vital for starting your journey of self-discovery on the right foot. There are hundreds of amazing (and less than stellar) yoga training schools out there, so how do you go about choosing? Below are some key factors to look for when choosing the best yoga teacher training […]

How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

Yoga Teacher Training

Embarking on a Yoga Teacher Training course can be one of the most transformative journeys of your life. No student ever emerges the same as they were going into the training. Yoga teacher training offers you a chance to invest in yourself, to give yourself time to look inward, and gives you the tools you […]

7 Things to Do in Ubud When You Are Not Training

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I recently graduated from the Shades of Yoga 200h Teacher Training course in Bali! Living and training in Ubud is a really magical experience! The training programme is intense, so make the most of your free time! There are soo many things to do in Ubud, but these are […]

8 things you don’t need to become a yogi.

Yoga Spirit

If you are into yoga you probably have bumped into articles like ’10 signs you are a true yogi’ and get completely confused. During my years of practicing and teaching yoga I experienced moments of doubt on if i was ‘yogi’ enough. The biggest reason why i got insecure was the act of comparing myself […]

Engage the Bandhas to Perfect Your Poses and Direct the Flow of Prana

Types of bandhas and how to use them Your Shades of Yoga RYT 200 or RYT 300 hour yoga teacher training course will take you beyond the basic principles of Hatha Yoga; teaching you how to take your own (and your students’) yoga practice to the next level by, among other things, engaging the bandhas […]

The healing art of aromatherapy

The healing art of aromatherapy

Anthropologists tell us in their research that the way our body reacts to stress has not really changed a lot over the past million years. We still have this “ancient” body and mind with 2 main responses: the fight or flight response and the relaxation response. In ancient times when we saw a tiger the […]

Teaching yoga to Scuba Divers

Scuba in Indonesia, Bali

Why scuba divers should do yoga? Yoga – in this context we mean asana (yoga poses) – has some excellent benefits for other activities. If you are a scuba diver, it can help us to build strength that is needed during the activity but also developing flexibility that is required. There are a lot of […]

Some New Yoga Styles for you to check out

what is Brahmacharya New Yoga Styles

If your wish is to take up yoga teacher training in Bali, you might have found yourself wondering about the variety of yoga styles out there? There are a number of names, schools, lineages… that it can get overwhelming and you’re confused about even where to begin! For the novices it might be simply looking […]

choosing the RIGHT Yoga Course

Selecting the RIGHT Yoga Course

Choosing the RIGHT Yoga Course No matter whether you intend to take up yoga as a long-term career or simply wish to deepen your understanding of yoga and strengthen your practice, you’ve set out on an incredible journey. The first step is to research the multitude of training programs available. It’s inevitable that you will […]

Things to look for while choosing a Yoga School

choosing a Yoga School

Choosing a Yoga School Any learning organization is like a pyramid – good stuff filters down from the top. It’ll do good to remember this when choosing a yoga teacher training course in Bali or anywhere else in the world. It’s very important that you choose a school that’s reputable, and one that has considerable […]