Baby Grasshopper

Baby Grasshopper Pose


How to get into Baby Grasshopper Pose


How to get into Baby Grasshopper PoseImagine that you’re setting up for the yoga pose, Ardha Matsyendrasana. Your left leg is bent (left foot to the outside edge of your right knee), your right leg is straight. Now (and this is important) instead of twisting towards your left leg, as you would in Ardha Matsyendrasana, twist away from it. When you do this you should be facing the long edge of your mat (the right-hand edge). Put your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders as you would if you were coming into Chaturanga Dandasana.

Now, reach your left arm around the front of your left shin (so your shoulder is tucked in front of it). Reach for the front of the mat. The left arm and right leg should be running parallel to each other (confused yet?!). You may find that this is a big stretch so if you want to stay here and work the stretch, do it.


Tip: If you have trouble gripping the foot, experiment with the positioning of the leg that’s bent. Shifting that foot a few centimeters to the right or the left can make all the difference to this yoga pose. 


If you’ve decided to keep going, grab the outside edge of your right foot with your left hand. Flex your foot, pressing it into your hand. Simultaneously pull back on the foot.

Keep your right hand directly underneath your right shoulder and grip the floor in preparation for the load bearing it’ll be required to do in just a second as you make the transition into Baby Grasshopper Pose.

How to get into Baby Grasshopper PoseYou’ll see in this photo that I’ve picked my leg up. I’ve exaggerated the movement so you can see the action – it can be helpful when you’re first attempting this arm balance. When you rock back (before rocking forward into the final expression of this yoga pose) it creates a momentum that can help you to lift your butt off the floor!

Now, shift all of your weight forward as you lift your leg, hips and core UP at the same time! Keep your gaze forward, drop the shoulders forward a little and keep pressing the hand and foot firmly into each other.

You made it! Woo hoo! So the only two things that should be in contact with the floor are your right hand and your left foot. Gaze down the line of the extended leg and fly for as long as you can in this arm balance.