Bali Beaches are Paradise

kuta beach in bali yoga teacher training

Uluwatu sunset

Bali Beaches are Paradise

One of my favorite things to do, no matter where I am in the world, is find a great beach to enjoy. Bali is known around the world for its pristine tropical beaches and warm water, it therefore only made sense to hit up a few local beaches in Bali and soak up a little Indonesian sun before Shades Of Yoga started up their June 2013 yoga teacher training.

This week I decided to venture off to the South side of Bali and explore Uluwatu Beach; what a sight!!


Upon arrival I couldn’t help but gasp a little when my feet first stepped onto the white-sand beach which met with crystal-clear, blue waters. It was everything I had hoped it to be — and more!

If you’re an experienced surfer, then Uluwatu is definitely the place for you! The waves are fantastic and full of energy, just waiting for surfers to take advantage. If you’re not a surfer, that’s okay, you can practice your yoga asana on the beach and take awesome yoga photography.

LUluwatu Viewseave it to me to forget a towel to lay down upon the sand and relax with; however, to my advantage, there are many locals on the beach with huts full of goodies to bring home – including many beautiful sarongs, which doubled as a beach blanket!

If you have the time, a love for the sun, enjoy beach hopping and sipping on a fresh coconut, Uluwatu is a must-see beach located about 50km South of Ubud and is a guaranteed wonderful trip!



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