Bali Guide

Bali Guide
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Bali Guide

Some General Questions answered:

  1. Are you liking the program in general
    • Yes! I have been absolutely loving the program. It is a good balance between doing actual practice and learning. They go deep into what yoga and you will learn a lot. The teachers are incredible and the people at Taksu spa are extremely kind
  2. Weekends and off days?
    • You will have time on weekends and days off to explore. You get a half day Saturday and Sundays completely off. I would say if there’s a lot you want to see, book a few days longer if possible. You will have homework and studying to do so you won’t want to feel rushed. There are a lot of taxi and it is easy to book a day trip to the rice paddies, temples or other sites/areas you want to see.
  3. Favorite restaurants/spas/sites
    • There a billions of cafes and spas all around ubud some of my favorite are
      • Clear café – super good food and vibes, again plant based and wide variety of worldly foods
      • Atman café – wide variety of choices, a lot of vegan and veggie options
      • Biah Biah – if you want good local food (Nasi Campur is fabulous)
      • Tukis – coconut icecream J the best
      • Seeds of Life – cute plant-based café with a lot of superfood/elixir drinks/smoothies
      • Zest – about a 25 min walk but you could scooter – this is a must! AMAZING vegan food and a beautiful view
      • Fresh – amazing spa with massage and facials (I got a 90 min massage for $25 and this is a high end spa)
      • Skin – great place for waxing and facials
  1. What to bring?
    • Basically get comfy in your yoga clothes, it is humid here so be sure to pack a lot of light clothing. Bring an umbrella or raincoat incase it happens to rain. Make sure to bring bug spray.
  2. Getting into the country?
    • Very easy to get visa and get into the country. Just follow the crowd when you get off the plane. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days you will have to tell them when you get your 30 days visa because you will have to pay.
  3. Phone plan?
    • So, my phone is locked with at&t so I just rely on wifi. Some girls got a sim card. But basically every place you go they do have wifi. So I have felt just fine with only having wifi
  4. Transportation from airport to accommodation?
    • I booked a taxi with my accommodation. So there was a guy outside the airport with my name on a sign. I would recommend doing this because taxi guys will bombard you and it’s easier to just have a ride planned
  5. Recommendations based on accommodation
    • I am staying at ubud view bungalows, it is mid range and I love it. It’s about 10 mins from taksu. There are 2 girls staying at Dewangga and I know they had some scheduling issues. Honestly all the girls like where they are staying. Really you won’t be in your room that much. Sleep and showering is really the only time I’m in my room. Just email some places and they are all usually pretty good.

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