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Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 2021

Embarking on a yoga teacher training is an exciting journey filled with personal growth and transformation. With its rolling rice paddies and rich spiritual culture, Bali is the idyllic hub to dive deep into your yoga practice and become qualified to share your teachings with the world. As a yoga school that has been around for more than 10 years we’ve seen yoga grow and expand, not only in Bali but globally. At the moment there are more than 80 registered yoga schools in Bali alone. We understand it can be difficult to choose which course is right for you, so we’ve handpicked 10 of the best yoga schools and gathered the essential information that will help you choose more mindfully.


1. Shades of Yoga

Shades of Yoga

Shades of Yoga is Bali’s most trusted Yoga Alliance credited and internationally recognised yoga teacher training course. Nestled in the centre of Ubud, amidst the peace of a tropical jungle river valley, you will experience living in an environment that is unique, safe and serene. Our teaching philosophies emphasise safe and detailed technique and alignment, combining Eastern spiritual teachings with a functional Western approach. We are dedicated to providing individual attention with no more than 16 students per course. Shades of Yoga is dedicated to equipping each and every student with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to fill a teaching role at the end of their training.

We posture clinic 37 plus posture’s giving you a solid foundation to then learn how to put them into an intelligent sequence – we teach a variety of Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar Style giving you a solid foundation in teaching Yoga to all types of people.

We firmly believe that yoga is for people of all shapes, sizes and experience levels. You don’t have to be young. You don’t have to be flexible. You just have to be.

With our small classes, over 200 excellent Yoga Alliance reviews, min 5 years plus experienced yoga teacher trainers, you will experience a transformation of a lifetime, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.


Price: $3,050 (includes breakfast)

Yoga Style: RYT 200 Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar stye, Yin

Location: Ubud

Price: $3,050 (includes breakfast)

Duration: 24 Days

Website: www.shadesofyoga.com


2. Power of Now Oasis

Power of Now Oasis

If you prefer to be near the ocean, Power of Now Oasis is situated in the little beach town of Sanur, where you can enjoy learning and practicing in their eco-friendly bamboo yoga shala. As well as learning how to teach Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, this course also includes a taster of Acro Yoga, Ariel Yoga and sound healing. Power of Now Oasis has a real Balinese flavour to it, with their local teachers and affinity with the local Jodie O’Shea Orphanage children’s charity. Being so close to the beach also offers the opportunity to enjoy activities such as SUP yoga and a sunset sailing meditation.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Hatha Vinyasa

Location: Sanur

Price: $3,100

Duration: 27 Days

Website: www.powerofnowoasis.com


3. All Yoga

All Yoga

For those who enjoy a stronger physical practice, All Yoga offers a comprehensive program founded on the traditional teachings of Ashtanga Yoga, blended with other more contemporary styles such as Vinyasa, Yin and Rocket Yoga. Their stunning shala is located on the tropical island of Nusa Lembongan, a short boat ride from Bali. In your free time you can enjoy exploring the hidden corners of this tiny island, topping off the day with an evening sunset on the beach.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Vinyasa Ashtanga

Location: Nusa Lembongan

Price: $2,950

Duration: 24 Days

Website: www.allyogatraining.com


4. Zuna Yoga

Zuna Yoga

This all-inclusive program, based in the surfer’s paradise of Canggu, champions a practical approach to tradition and science that makes integrating the meaningful knowledge the ancient sages shared into modern living easy. Teachings include foundational philosophies from the Hatha, Tantra and Vinyasa traditions supported by strong physical practices. With their live-in accommodation, shared meals and larger group sizes of around 25 students, you will experience a vibrant community atmosphere.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Hatha Tantra Vinyasa

Location: Canguu

Price: $3,750 (includes accommodation & meals)

Duration: 21 Days

Website: www.zunayoga.com


5. Yoga Dunia

Yoga Dunia

A modest centre located on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan, Yoga Dunia offers an even balance of Yin and Yang teachings. The first half of the training is spent learning the foundations of how to practice and teach Yin Yoga, a gentle restorative practice that embodies Chinese Medicine philosophies. During the remaining half of the course you will learn the practice of Vinyasa Krama, a dynamic flow practice created by renowned yogi Krisnamacharya.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Yin & Vinyasa Krama

Location: Nusa Lembongan

Price: $2,295

Duration: 22 Days

Website: www.yoga-dunia.com


6. Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow

This all-inclusive course offers an experienced, well-rounded Hatha Yoga teacher training based in the rich jungles of Ubud. Be ready to dive deep into this intensive program and you will receive a truly immersive experience. They also include a special free 1-year follow-up program for all graduates, where you will receive monthly tips on how to maintain a successful career as a yoga teacher, creating a portfolio, class organisation and much more. 


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training

Location: Ubud

Price: $4,500 (includes accommodation & meals)

Duration: 25 Days

Website: www.intuitiveflow.com


7. East + West

East West Yoga

East + West pride themselves on their ability to succinctly draw together concepts from the eastern and western world. Learn the ancient traditions of authentic yoga passed on from true masters of their craft. During this course you will learn how to apply the principles of yoga to every area of life, gaining a strong foundation in tradition and technique. This training is held at a retreat centre nestled in the sun-soaked rice paddy fields of Ubud. 


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Hatha Vinyasa

Location: Ubud

Price: $3,950 (includes accommodation & meals)

Duration: 22 Days

Website: www.yogaeastwest.com


8. Inner Yoga

Inner Yoga

During Inner Yoga’s teacher training course you will learn both the Yin and Yang aspects of yoga, equipping you to teach multi-style classes after graduation. This well-balanced course explores the anatomy and physiology of traditional Chinese Medicine through the cool and stilling practice of Yin Yoga, complimented by the fluidity and heat of a dynamic Vinyasa flow. Courses tend to be small in size (10-20 students), offer a gift bag on arrival, airport transfer and unlimited access to yoga facilities during the training.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Vinyasa & Yin

Location: Ubud

Price: $3,900 (includes accommodation & meals)

Duration: 24 Days

Website: www.inneryogatraining.com


9. Sadhana Yoga School

This international yoga school offers Sivanada style training courses in the diver’s beach town of Amed. During your time with this team of well-experienced instructors, you will spend the mornings meditating, looking out of the Indian Ocean, practicing yoga on the open deck and engaging in meaningful philosophical discussions. If you are short of money, they also offer scholarship and grant opportunities.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Hatha/Vinyasa

Location: Amed

Price: $2,800 

Duration: 21 Days

Website: www.sadhanayoga.com


10. Exhale Yoga Retreats

If you want to substantially enrich your yoga practice and learn how to creatively share your passion with others, this course will take you on a journey of deep personal transformation, offering you an in-depth understanding of yoga philosophy and yogic lifestyle. You will also receive vigorous training on the bio-mechanics of yoga postures through posture clinics and daily teaching practice.


Yoga Style: RYT 200 Hatha/Vinyasa

Location: Balian Beach, West Bali

Price: $2,950

Duration: 29 Days

Website: www.exhaleyogaretreats.com