Chakra Archeatypes

Chakras and Archetypes

The chakras provide a map to show imbalances. This holistic system, when healthy, acts as an integrated whole maintaining our equilibrium. A chakra becomes dysfunctional from receiving too little or too much life force. This …

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What are the Chakras?

The Chakras are energy centres within the human body through which prana (energy) flows. They regulate the flow of subtle energy throughout the body and are linked to mental, spiritual and physical attributes. Chakra is …

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Yoga Teacher Training Bali

How to Kick Through Life Without Fear

What Stops Us Being Fearless According to Webster dictionary, fear is defined as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of …

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Yoga for Anxiety – Part 1

Anxiety is something we all experience. It can alert us to danger or to situations in our environment that make us feel uncomfortable. When it does this anxiety can be a useful tool. Occasionally, however, anxiety is experienced with an intensity that undermines our sense of wellbeing, causes us to think obsessively or negatively impacts the health of our bodies. When this is the case anxiety can be far more of a challenge. In addition to this, excessive worry impedes our body’s ability to heal itself effectively.

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Yoga for Healthy Aging – Part 2

Research now shows that a wide range of illnesses including those (like osteoporosis and arthritis) that are associated with aging are caused by, or worsened because of, stress. In this article we will take a look at some of these issues, and also at how yoga can help alleviate them.

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Kinesiology 101

We were lucky enough this week to have a visit from Shades of Yoga’s resident Structural kinesiology and yoga therapy teacher. Queue… a fascinating session with lots of strange hand mudras and leg tapping…(from David not …

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