CHAKRAS: Introduction Part 1

Our following blog series will focus on chakras. These subtle energy wheels or vortexes are what animate our being. The chakras correspond to physical areas in our bodies.  The chakras also line up with endocrine glands and nerve plexuses.

Chakras also relate to psychological thought structures and feeling. This psychological correlation is a later development from the original yoga texts. However, as we as human species evolve so too will the meaning of the chakras. The yoga tradition has given us a magnificent map and model to guide and direct light. It is literally a waking up our full consciousness. These chakra wheels are magnificent spinning rainbow colours within us all.

Chakras not only relate to nerve, endocrine and organ areas but also influence and are influenced by these systems. It is only recently that we in the west have started to take note of this incredible eastern teaching. Chakras offer deeper dimensions to our existence.


Chakra Consciousness

Chakras enlighten us as to specific areas of our consciousness. The older text speaks in strong symbolical language of the waking of our chakra energy as we develop our yoga practice. In yoga postures, breath and yoga meditation our chakras are maps for us to guide us as we make our yoga journey.

As a modern society emerged from the evolution of mankind, yoga has now evolved the chakra system to include psychological aspects. Each chakra denotes psychological aspects of our development from our immature infancy towards mature adult hood.

Over the coming weeks we will explore each of the seven major chakras. We will look at each one in more depth. We will find yoga is a magical and common sense practice that enliven our chakras.