Chakras Introduction Part 2

Chakras are energy wheels or vortexes. These energetic chakras are alive with life force or prana. In our last blog we looked at how each chakra is associated physically with a nerve plexus and endocrine gland, however, we also need to consider the energetic aspect of chakras. Energy is present everywhere and has a multitude of expressions. Sunlight is a form of energy. Light and its various colors are different frequencies and wave lengths of energy.


Chakra Energy

As chakras are energy vortexes they need to be observed from that perspective rather than on a purely physical level. Just like the naked eye cannot see a nerve impulse travelling along a nerve or see an atom within a molecule, chakras are equally present yet not visible to the naked eye.Chakras are the software rather than the hardware of a computer. Just like the actual physical computer is not the whole computer so is the physical body part of something more. That something more is the software; the working of the actual hardware depends very much on the software. So it is with our chakras and bodies. We need the physical need the life force (prana) running through us to make us into human beings that function optimally.

Over the coming weeks we shall explore each of the seven major chakras in more depth. As we delve deeper we will find that yoga is a magical and common sense practice to enliven our chakras.