Change Your Life with Yoga Teacher Training

Change your life with yoga teacher training
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Change Your Life with Yoga Teacher Training

heartIs it time for something different? Are you tired of going every day to the same job just to save up enough for the next vacation, the next escape? It becomes a bit of a cycle. Finally get a bit of a savings stored up, chase the next vacation long enough to relieve a bit of stress and see something new, and then you’re back to the grind. How would you feel if I told you that you can turn your next vacation into an experience that will change your life?

I remember when I first made the choice. I was doing a job I didn’t really care about, afraid that I would squander my potential, and ready to step into something more meaningful. But it almost didn’t seem possible. I’d been doing yoga for years, looking into the spiritual side of life as much as I could, but it always felt like I was living two lives.

I had my job on the one side, bills, responsibilities, and the mundane routine of the office. On the other was a budding desire for something more meaningful, for a way to enjotaksu-lry the life that I was living and make it a real contribution to the world.

For many years, it didn’t seem possible. It felt like I should just buck up and get on with it. Do the job and enjoy what I had, do some yoga on the side, and be thankful that all of the ends were meeting. Most of the time, anyway. And somewhere in the middle of a crisis, I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s usually in the middle of a crisis that we get pushed to our real growth. For me, that came in the form of yoga teacher training in Bali.

I took a chance without any guarantee that it would work out, but I knew that I was spending my time and money on something that I really cared about. On top of it, I could experience one of the most beautiful and spiritually enriching places on the planet. Turned out to be the best decision of my life.

tasku yogaFor one, I had the chance to refine my asana and deepen my understanding of the yogic tradition. That was something that had always made me feel alive, and still does. For another, I got the opportunity to be among like-minded people, opening up about things that I’d never really given myself a chance to stop and think about.

The growth on the yoga level was amazing, but that’s where the real gold was. And Bali was a perfect background to this inward journey, surrounding me with a rich culture and a feeling that anything was possible. I came out of my first RYT200 with a clear understanding of my path, a lot of healing, and the confidence to share the yogic tradition with others. It was the turning point of my life…you never really know what’s possible until you give it a go!



Shades of Yoga is a yoga teacher training company providing year round yoga teacher training in the following locations

Yoga Teacher Training Bali
Yoga Teacher Training South Africa
Yoga Teacher Training Mallorca. Spain
Yoga Teacher Training Spain, Grazalema


Shades of Yoga have over 10 years experience in Yoga Teacher Training. We are Yoga alliance Accredited. Our vision is to create a truly unique experience.


Yoga Alliance Accredited