How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

There are hundreds of different yoga teacher training programs to choose from.. Which is the right for you?

The decisions involved in choosing the right school for your yoga teacher training is quite a hard one and there are many questions you may want to ask yourself…

  • Who is the right teacher for me?
  • What style of yoga should I learn?
  • Does the training represent value for money?

These are all very important, however, one of the most important questions is:

Where should I do my training?

Do I chose a school close to home or travel to a far away exotic land?… The answer to this will have a huge impact on the experience you are about to undertake and how you proceed as a professional in the world of yoga.

The 2 main options are:

  1. Locally based ‘extended format’ training close to your home over a period time (usually months)
  2. Sign up for a residential destination training over a 3-4 week period of time, in a location away from home, usually in another country.

Some people have no choice but to choose a locally extended training as they have either work, family or relationship commitments that stop them from venturing far from their local community. In this case a course that may be held over 2-6 months focusing on weekends or weeknights may seem like the best choice.

How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Disadvantages of a locally based extended format training

  • The inability of the participant to ‘let go’ of the daily stresses or events in their lives which can cause distractions for the trainee  ie..” its Saturday night… I wonder what the girls are doing? “
  • The ‘lag’ between weekend classes may also create a lack of discipline or the inability to keep the mind focused on the course.
  • Not having a daily practice can allow for the negative habitual patterns to keep taking place,  ie ‘ bad postural habits in asana, the regular checking of social media ( Facebook/Instagram) and other daily stresses that can negatively affect the ability to learn or be productive.

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Destination Trainings

Many men and women seeking certification in yoga training are in a period of ‘ life transition’. Perhaps they have recently lost their jobs or another significant life changing event has caused them to re-evaluate what it is exactly they want to do with their lives and a full immersion destination training seems much more appropriate for their situation.

Popular yoga destination trainings right now include: Bali / South Africa/ Spain

Potential students are not only looking for authenticity in their choice of training but also the beauty of the destination which can make the overall experience more unforgettable.

A destination training can also help the student stick out of the pack from thousands of other students who completed their trainings close to home, as the additional learning environment of being abroad can often offer a more comprehensive experience.

When looking for a destination training, the participant should choose a location that makes them comfortable. There are so many options from beach to mountain, to spiritual center, so pick one that calls to you, and is awe-inspiring. Waking up everyday to a beautiful, inspiring environment is essential!

During these trainings participants will have designated days and time off so having the opportunity to detach in an inviting environment is vital to keeping balanced for the month.

Can you swim at the beach on your afternoons off ?, can you hike the mountains? Are there any other cool or fun activities you can do during your down time that helps you understand the land and culture that you are visiting?

These are all important things to consider when choosing the right destination for your your Yoga teacher training course.
Exploring Bali around our Ubud Bali Teacher Training venue

Our local tour guide takes our students on adventures in our Ubud Bali Teacher Training venue.

Destination trainings can not only allow for less distraction but they also produce a higher ability to learn through being completely ‘present’ in the moment and in nature. Scholar N.M. Tawil quotes

“Natural environments are a considerable source of stimulation for the process of inspired learning and meaningfulness”

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Exploring a new location, meeting like minded individuals in a serene and tranquil setting could set the tone perfectly for the learning environment you need. This often results in an experience of a lifetime and can propel yourself towards the new and exciting life you are seeking to find.

How to choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Shades of Yoga, offer a full immersion 200hr yoga teacher training on the beautiful jungle beaches of the Wild Coast South Africa.

It has remained some of the most pristine land with wild rainforests meeting the black sand coast, where the ocean offers miles and miles of untouched surf able beach! Monkeys, sloths, frogs, and dolphin are some of the regular life you will see daily and it is a place you can truly disconnect and turn over to mother-nature and all her healing powers.

It is for the adventurous at heart and someone that is looking for a unique, unmatchable training experience.

Shades of Yoga is a yoga teacher training company providing year round yoga teacher training in the following locations

Yoga Teacher Training Bali
Yoga Teacher Training South Africa
Yoga Teacher Training Mallorca. Spain
Yoga Teacher Training Spain, Grazalema


Shades of Yoga have over 10 years experience in Yoga Teacher Training. We are Yoga alliance Accredited. Our vision is to create a truly unique experience.


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