The Costa Rican Experience

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Yoga is a growing industry in Costa Rica. The beautiful landscapes which are relatively unspoilt make for a serene place to practice or to attend a Yoga Teacher Training.

Unlike some other countries in Central America, there is beautiful accommodation with many of the amenities a western traveller would expect, but with a distinctive Costa Rican flair.

Yoga Teacher Training BaliTo be sure, the natural surroundings add an element which is difficult to find elsewhere. The natural beauty and biodiversity that CostaRica offers are hard to beat. Occupying less than one-third of a percent of the global land mass, over 4% of the world’s species can be found there.

 As for activities, when you are not practising asana surrounded by the rainforest, developing your pranayama in the clean pristine air, or meditating to the sounds of the jungle, there are plenty of other things to experience.

 For starters, Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, some with amazing world-class surf. With nearly 300 beaches to choose from, each having its own distinct offerings, there is a beach for everyone’s taste. Check out for up to date reviews and information.

 If beaches aren’t your thing, you can enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty by hiking through the rainforests and cloud forests. Going with a local guide can give you the best educational experience. For the more adventurous, there is rappelling, zip-lining and white water rafting to enjoy.

 With so much on offer, the biggest problem will be finding time to fit it all in!

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Shades of Yoga Yoga Teacher Training School

Shades of Yoga is a RYT 200 and 300 internationally recognised (Yoga Alliance) yoga teacher training company running year-round yoga teacher training courses in Bali and Costa Rica.


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