Cultivating Heart Chakra in Daily Life

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What’s going on in this Heart Chakra?

Out of all of the chakras , this one is probably the most discussed chakra. The heart, which is the location of Heart Chakra (also known as Anahata Chakra) is one of the more vulnerable spots in the body. Even without understanding of the chakra system, we often mention the heart. The phrases“broken heart”, “wear your heart on your sleeve”, and “heart-to heart discussion” shows how much our heart matters to many of us in daily life. “You hurt my heart” is a verbal expression that we can really feel something in the chest, in the space we call our heart.

Some basic characteristic of Anahata Chakra are:

  • The location is at the heart, the chest, and cardiac plexus
  • The coloris green, the element is air
  • The issues related to this chakra is love, balance, self-love, relationships, intimacy, devotion.
  • The demon is grief
  • The basic right is to love and to be loved

The main issues that we deal with this chakra are balance, love and relationships. Through love, we have the ability to transform the self-centered ego of the lower chakras into the liberation of the bigger consciousness.  This is one of the reasons that the Heart chakra is said to be the link between the lower chakras and higher chakras, the connection between the manifestation of ideas and the liberation of our spirit. It is love that enables us to be aware of the big universe. How powerful is that?

Living Consciously with the Heart Chakra

When we have imbalances in this chakra, we might be antisocial, withdrawn and cold. We might have depression, fear of intimacy and fear of relationships. It can also show up in jealously and clinging behavior or overly sacrificing to others.These imbalances can also manifest in the physical body as breathing problems, heart disorder, asthma, and pain in the chest.

There are a few healing methods that can help us balance our Anahata Chakra. One is practicing Pranayama. Practice breathing technique that expand the chest and open up the heart. We can also simulate reaching out and taking in using our armsin Asana.

One way to heal is having self acceptance and the willing to change. If you believe that life is lonely and that you are not lovable, that is what is going to happen. If you believe you are worthy of love, your life will be filled with love. Say to yourself: Love is everywhere and I am loving and lovable Yoga Teacher Training.

Compassion is much related to love. In Sanskrit, it is “Karuna”, which literally means“to suffer with another person”. But it is more than that, it is also means that if you love someone you should have the capacity to bring relief and help that person to suffer less.

To love is an art. Bring your art to your heart and change your life.


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