Dear future students, here´s my advice for you

Here is a testimonial by one of our latest RYT 300 students

On the overall education

I have learned a lot and would recommend the education to everyone. It was worth every cent. You will feel tremendous progress on a physical level and if you take enough time to incorporate the information after the end of the course, also on a mental level. You will get encouraged to follow your own practice in a very strict manner (get up early every day and find a routine that suits you). I got a great amount of information on muscle groups working together and how to create Bandhas around joints to create physical stability and avoid injury. I enjoyed a daily 45 minute morning meditation that thought me a lot about myself. You will also learn about yourself during the marketing-competition with the Facebook postings.

Being encouraged to work against each other, it will create an intense feeling of competition between the students, which might end up in cat fights. So try not to be too keen on winning the price (a free massage) or don’t even engage in the competition at all if you want to avoid conflict with other students. The daily buffet at Taksu is brilliant. I have missed Kirtan and Mantra Chanting. The emphasis of the education is obviously more on a physical level than on a spiritual one, but that is perfectly ok. I will go deeper into spirituality in my teacher trainings in the future. I would have loved to get a hand-out with the asana flows that we did in class. In this case, the teacher said it was too much work for one person alone to print this info for everyone, which is absolutely understandable, but maybe it is financially possible to hire an assistant for the teacher to do such little extra things in the future.

You will hear teachings from both spiritual compounds:

a) the law-of-attraction compound, believing we can do and decide everything in life and
b) the Advaita Vedanta-nonduality-compound, believing we cant do or decide anything at all because we don’t exist and there´s just unity. So basically there´s something in it for everyone! ☺ Like a buffet for the mind to choose from ☺ The certificate in our case was saying “nutrition” (which we didn’t go through) and missing “yin yoga” (which we actually had) but that´s ok too.

On the teacher

The teachers are highly professional and very honest and authentic. They know an answer to almost all questions and if not, they have the backbone to say “I do not know this but I can recommend you literature to investigate further on the topic”. They have the ability to bring you into poses you thought you could never do before. They will give you a step by step instruction to reach your pose. They put an emphasis on teaching a student on his or her own current level and not above or below. They have a tremendous knowledge and experience and share it with you openly. They will never devalue your work, but encourage you to work on the things that might lack. We have learned very much about prenatal and seniors yoga, mythology and asana-origins, Pranayama (I especially liked the Anguli Kriya), anatomy and muscle function (which was important to me as it was a small part in my RYT 200 education).

On living in Bali

In the first week your jet lag might kill you and you won’t have a single night of proper sleep. Lesson one: “the importance of sleep”. You will get bitten by tons of ants and spiders and stung by mosquitos that might carry dengue fever as a special gift for you. The bites of the spiders heal very slow. Lesson two: “living close to nature has difficulties”. You will enjoy the advantages of being close to nature: seeing and hearing geckos, rare birds like the java king fisher, frogs, squirrels, rats, mice, chickens (and their babies), dogs (seldomly cats), butterflies, snails etc.

I advise you to book a homestay with a pool, to cool off the burning stings and bites you will have all over your body that will make you almost die in the 45 minute meditation every morning. In case one of the bites turns into an abscess and has puss inside: bring some ichthyol and antibiotic cream from your pharmacy at home. Also bring charcoal against diarrhea and antipyretics and analgetics in case you get fever.

Bring as much anti mosquito spray with DEET as you can. Aircon helps to keep away the mosquitos, too. That lowers your risk of getting dengue fever. Don’t eat anything that smells bad, so SMELL every food first, BEFORE you eat it!!!

Stay away from fruit you don’t know, it can cause diarrhea. Don’t bring the 2 books that are named in the welcome letter, they are only optional and cause lots of weight in your luggage which can be expensive. Besides you don’t have time to read anyway. You will be VERY busy for 3 weeks.

If you’re sensitive to sun, only go out of the house in the hours between 6am and 9.30 am and between 6 pm and midnight. All else will kill you after 20 minutes. The sun is extremely strong – don’t underestimate it! Especially if you make a trip to the sea, the wind might make you feel cooler while the sun is actually about to boil your brain and you spend the next day hanging with your head in the toilet. Same for walks on the rice fields.

But believe me: It´s all worth it. ☺