Do Auras Exist?

According to Wikipaedia, “an aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object.  It is said that all living things (including humans) and all objects manifest such an aura.” Wether Aura’s actually exist or not, is a topic of much contention largely due to the fact that they are invisible to the naked, or untrained eye. Many people claim to be able to see and ‘read’ aura’s. How? Why can they see them, while most people can’t? More importantly, is there any way to prove that they actually exist? yoga teacher training



All school children, at some time or another, are introduced to the wonders of electromagnetism during a physics class at school.  The general reaction is one of awe when they produce an invisible magnetic force that is able to interact with various materials and cause them to move.  Some materials move and some don’t, enabling the students to experience such concepts as force, attraction, repulsion, fields and coupling. The children learn that materials are made up of particles and that these can be charged.  Further investigations produce observations about moving charges and the changes that occur to the invisible field and the forces produced. Yet these basic concepts are the fundamentals behind our existence. Do we as humans not produce our own fields? In scientific and medical circles EEG’s (the recording of electrical activity along the scalp) and EKG’s (the recording of electrical activity of the heart) are signifiers of the manifestations of the charged particles moving in our brain and our heart. On a smaller more subtle level, we are made up of multi molecular particles, all are charged and all are moving; however, the power behind them is minute.  Each molecule, each particle, produces it’s own field of particular magnetic frequency. Combine all of these, however, and could that be our aura, our subtle energy that radiates out from our physical body? In the subtle fields of our outer bodies the physics is somewhat different to the physics of inanimate objects in that like attracts like, and opposites repel. Do our fields interact? Well, you certainly notice when someone gets too close to you, invades your ‘personal’ space. Surely, you notice that good friends can get much closer to you, that happy times, positive emotions, laughter, a giggling baby, all draw you closer to these events. Yet miserable, despondent and angry people make you cringe or move away. Is the loss of a friendship or loved one an example of the withdrawal of attraction from one person while the other is still trying to hold on? This is where the art of Yoga comes into play. Yoga works on the whole body and with slow calm breathing, the physical body is calmed down and realigned. The body is slowly brought to a more positive place. Due to cause and effect, this then generates emotions and thoughts that are more in-line with the more positive body.  The auric fields now would be strengthened with a greater attractive power for other similar fields. Surely, by the laws of attraction in which like attracts like, you are then able to manifest greater positivity into your life.

Is this not proof enough that each living being on this planet has an aura? You tell us!

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