Energy Boosters: The Secret to Having a Natural High

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healthy lifestyleHow often do you think or say “I feel drained” or “I’m so tired”?

Maybe life has run away with you and your energy stores are depleted and only you are feeling like a hollow shell of yourself. This is the time to make a few lifestyle changes – look at things from a different perspective.

We all know that an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking, unhealthy eating, drinking alcohol and sugar drinks in excess, not sleeping enough, not exercising, stress, all contribute to low energy levels. All these factors leave us feeling terrible and could lead life-long chronic diseases or illness.

By modifying your current lifestyle routine you can strengthen your immune system, elevate your mood, regulate your appetite, reduce your stress levels and balance your life. See and feel instant transformations now!

Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips to give you that natural high:

Stay Hydrated

At least eight glasses of water a day will keep your energy levels raised and your hunger levels down. Your digestion will improve and you will find you can concentrate a lot better.

Rest up!

The general guideline is 7-9hrs per night of uninterrupted sleep. Missing out on sleep can lead to weight gain and of course, it makes us feels grumpy and horrible.

Eat your greens and breakfast everyday

Stock up on fruit and veg that you enjoy eating! Think colourful, fresh and local. Choose a healthy breakfast that is:

  • high in complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, cereals, fruits, vegetables)
  • high in fibre (whole grains, ground flax and chia)
  • rich in protein (nuts, seeds, non-dairy almond or hemp milk, quality protein powders)
  • provides good fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, healthy oils like coconut or flax)

Get that lymphatic system pumping and get outside

You don’t have to do hour power sweat sessions, simply going for a good paced walk or doing a series of your favourite yoga poses will boost your vitality quickly. Sluggishness, heaviness and stagnation will begin to shift, you will increase your oxygen intake and get endorphins flowing. The endorphins that are released during exercise will make you feel amazing. Exercising outside (especially barefoot) positively charges the body. The sunshine will life your spirits and your body will soak up the vitamin D that it requires to function optimally.

Energize with Yoga!

Backbends energise the entire body, mind and soul! They open up the heart, stimulate your body, and energize your whole system. These following backbend postures are great:

Finish your backbend sequence with child pose or down dog as a counter pose

Clear your head

  • Declutter the mind by writing in a journal. 
  • Meditate daily to reduce your stress levels, mental fatigue and anxiety by clearing your mind from everyday worries.
  • Think happy thoughts and breath deeply.

Integrate these healthy lifestyle tips in to your life now and notice how your energy levels rise and your sense of overall wellbeing increases.

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