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 “Strengthen Your Personal Character”

Why choose Enneagram ?

Once you have booked and paid the deposit for your RYT 200, you have the option to book your Enneagram course… on us!

The Enneagram is a nine dimensional map of human nature. We each have characteristics of all nine points in the system. However, we each emerge from childhood with one of the nine types dominant as our primary personality type, which represents our way of being in the world. Each type has a specific fear, which drives specific desires and motivators, and that type’s our attitude.

The Enneagram is often called a tool of compassion because it enables us to understand the nine different behaviour sets from these deeper levels. In this way we can develop our EQ (emotional intelligence), knowing ourselves better and understanding others better also, including their strengths, constraints and self-sabotaging habits.

This is a course not to be missed and goes so well with your RYT200 course to reveal a new depth, not just in your Yoga practice but your understanding of self and those around you.

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I’m soooooo amazed over the entire Enneagram workshop – it was just unbelievable – and wonderful (even if it also was extremely tough and totally energy-draining – but amazingly interesting!!!).

And you as a teacher – you did a  wonderful job explaining so much in so little time – I am so impressed!! Tracey you really an extremely confident – and so inspiring – speaker!

Thanks for everything you shared and for giving us this opportunity!


How does this compliment my yoga practice?

The Enneagram places enormous emphasis on energy and embodiment, seeing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as one and the same.

The system gives specificity (nine types) which can be used to take your own yoga practice further and to recognize the eight other different world view/temperaments of your students. Each student will potentially (as a different type) have a different set of internal motivators and will need to be encouraged and spoken to in a different way in order to ignite the full potential of their practice.

Each type has a particular way of moving through the world, and being able to get a handle on their own pattern can help identify the traits—both healthy and unhealthy—that make us who we are. This process of discovery can also help you grow your yoga practice.

Connecting the Enneagram with certain yogic traditions can deepen the understanding of both systems. For instance, like the chakras, which correspond to the movement of energy in the body, the points on the Enneagram correspond to stages of necessary growth or enlightenment, moving from root (the gut points) to third eye and crown (the head points).

Each number is a piece of a whole puzzle that exists within every human being. As with the chakras, we might have more work to do around a particular imbalance, if we’re looking to make certain changes in our lives.

This add-on includes:

Two 60-minutes sessions with an internationally qualified Enneagram life coach via Skype.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your Enneagram type
  • How do I use the system for personal transformation?
  • What are the disintegration points/stress indicators of each type?
  • How do I integrate this into my yoga classes?
  • How do I autonomously take my learning to the next level?
  • In what way will this continue to be a tool of compassion for me for the rest of my life?

* Will all students choosing Enneagram as an Add on with Yoga +, please take the online Rheti test and send it back to me. Here is the link for the test https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ 

“Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.”

Doris Mortman

How does the Enneagram differ from other personality systems?

The Enneagram is over 2500 years old. Gurdjieff initially used this as a system of movement. These four sessions will cover the basics… which are needed to begin your journey of self-discovery. The Enneagram however, is ultimately subtle and complex. You will learn to appreciate this the more you use it in your life. Other typologies categorize/label people. This system shows the path for freeing yourself from your personality constraints using nine levels of psychological development.

Here are a few initial key learnings:

  • You are born as a specific personality type. Your type does not change from one basic personality type to another.
  • The descriptions of the personality types are universal and apply equally to males and females, since no type is inherently masculine or feminine.
  • Not everything in the description of your basic type will apply to you all the time because you fluctuate constantly among the healthy, average, and unhealthy traits that make up your personality type.
  • The Enneagram uses numbers to designate each of the types because numbers are value neutral — they imply the whole range of attitudes and behaviors of each type without specifying anything, either positive or negative. Unlike the labels used in psychiatry, numbers provide an unbiased, shorthand way of indicating a lot about a person without being pejorative.
  • The numerical ranking of the types is not significant. A larger number is no better than a smaller number. It is not better to be a Nine than a Two because nine is a bigger number.
  • No type is inherently better or worse than any other. While all the personality types have unique assets and liabilities, some types are often more desirable than others in any given culture or group. Furthermore, for one reason or another, you may not be happy being a particular type. You may feel that your type is “handicapped” in some way.

As you learn more about all the types, you will see that just as each has unique capacities, each has different limitations.

If some types are more esteemed in Western society than others, it is because of the qualities that society rewards, not because of any superior value of those types. The ideal is to become your best self, not to imitate the assets of another type.

Identifying your specific personality type

Visit : www.enneagraminstitute.com and take the free Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) questionnaire, which is 36 questions. Alternatively the full RHETI questionnaire, which is reliable and validated, is 144 questions and costs $12.

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