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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

We would love to answer all your questions about choosing and arriving at your Yoga Teacher Training Course.  Please read through these popular ones and send us your questions so we can keep you informed.

Are there International hospitals?

There are a number of different hospitals and clinics in Bali. There are places that support minor cuts and bruises but also international hospitals that handle larger scale issues.

It is always great idea to have travel insurance though.   This will help make things go smoother generally and decrease waiting time.

What do I have to do to get a visa?

Most countries are able to enter Bali free of charge for 29 night and 30 days. This course falls in that time frame so you will be covered.

However, if you plan on staying any longer you need to purchase an ON ARRIVAL VISA upon arrival (at the cost of around 30$usd cash) which will allow you to extend your visa for an additional 30 days.

There are many visa agencies that can help this process once you are here. The cost is around $80usd. You are also able to arrange a 60 days Visa before you travel through an Indonesia embassy. Look on line to find the one closest to you, and also to check if your country has any other restrictions.

How do I exchange money in Bali ?

This is very easy as there are many money exchange places located throughout each town. Ask someone where an authorized money exchange is and they will point you in the right direction!

Where can I get a SIM card for my phone?

There are many spots to obtain a SIM, some of the most reliable places are the supermarkets.

Supermarkets have stands out front that sell SIM cards and can also add data for you. There are also many local SIMPATI stands that sell SIM cards and data.  These are not like the cell service stores you may be used to at home but offer the same service. So find a local market or ask someone to point you in the right direction of a SIMPATI store.

Rememebr you also need to purchase data to use the local SIM!

How secure are ATM's?

You need to make sure you are picking the most secure ATMs you can, either ones that are located in banks or hotels, as many ATMs can be faulty or not have the money loaded in them.

So when taking money out be sure to go to a more established place and TIP** -> the ATM doesn’t spit your card back out until the money comes out so remember to wait for your card, as many people forget this and walk away!!

Do I need to bring my own mat?
Venues supply mats for you to use during the classes but you are also expected to do your own self practice on your own time during the course. For that purpose it might be a good idea to have your yoga mat with you.

Yoga mats are quite expensive in Bali so rather bring your own from home.

Is it safe to go places alone on days off?

Bali is a very safe and friendly island, however like anywhere make sure you travel wisely.

If you choose to go somewhere alone inform someone of your plans, and travel during the day and mind your belongings.. Smart travel is the best travel!

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Depending on the time of year you come will determine clothes. If you are coming during rainy season it is very muggy and hot and so light, quick dry clothing is wonderful, but also packing a light rain jacket as you will surely be caught in it at some point.

Dry season is very sunny but actually a bit cool in the evenings so a light jumper or jacket for night time.

Does it rain all year round

Rainy Season is Nov -> March and during this time you will have sun and rain and it is quite hot and humid. Dry Season April -> October will have just light rains here or there but is actually a cooler time of year.

Do I need to have my laptop with me?

You will need some device to write down and submit your assignments. It does not have to be a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone on which you can create a document will also suffice. You may also find internet cafes around the town. 

Should I stay somewhere close by to the venue?
 It is a good idea to stay somewhere close by. You will arrive very early in the morning and will leave in the evening usually feeling a bit tired. It is nice to have your place in walking distance.
There are also a lot of places to eat in the walking distance to Taksu.

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