Four essentials to incorporate into every diet

These day’s diets are a fad, they are fashionable quick fix solutions to problems that have taken years to accumulate and manifest in our bodies.

There are new extreme weight loss methods popping up on the market daily but regardless  of the current trend, Shades of Yoga brings you four simple steps that can be incorporated into any diet with guaranteed long lasting results results.


Calorie Counting

To increase consumption awareness take note of everything you consume from a bite size snack to a taste of something new, even beverages need to be accounted for.  Create a food diary; it gives you the opportunity to learn how different foods affect your appetite, mood, body, etc. People often underestimate the amount of calories consumed! However, not all of you out there have the time, inclination or discipline for a food diary, the solution is sticking to a single serving size, avoiding seconds and eating out less frequently are tools to help keep calories down and monitor calories more efficiently.

Calorie Burning

This should be done in conjunction with calorie counting, it is a checks and balance system of what goes ‘in and out’ of your body.  Keeping track of calories burned will allow you to make better decisions on how much of what you eat.  Keep in mind that muscle burn more calories than fat, so as your body changes so does your metabolic rate. A typical Shades of Yoga vinyasa yoga class burns on average over 500 calories an hour.

Proper Timing of Meals

To help maintain a healthy weight and avoid blood sugar spikes or chronic diseases, you should always eat a healthy breakfast.  Eating protein and steamed vegetables or salad in the morning will result in balanced blood sugar levels, curb unhealthy cravings and keep your metabolism active. Lunch should be a hearty meal to energize and fuel the body for the day and dinner should be light as what is not burned during the day is more likely to be turned into fat.  Avoid eating at least three hours before bedtime.

Adequate Sleep

Many hormones are effected by sleeping patterns. In the case of weight loss – leptin and ghrelin are produced to regulate appetite. Leptin suppresses hunger while ghrelin stimulates hunger.  Studies show that individuals who get less sleep are more likely to have higher amounts ghrelin resulting in larger appetites for more commonly unhealthy foods.

In summary, increasing awareness of consumption habits, exercise routines and sleep patterns will help regulate blood sugar levels, control appetite cravings and  keep your body and mind alert and active during the day.  It will allow you to learn about your body and what is required to enable you to reach your full potential daily.


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