Get Back to Nature with Yoga in Costa Rica


 “Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.“ – Shakespeare

We’ve all practiced in beautiful studios, but nothing beats the experience of doing yoga in nature. The sense of connection evoked by such an experience can’t be replicated because it reflects the nature within us. The breeze reflects the breath, the sun is the fire within, even the distraction of a fly or a bug invites us to pay close attention to the smallest details of our experience.

The pull of nature is undeniable. It feels like home, makes us feel lighter, instantly sheds layers of stress and connects us to our breath. Bustling city life doesn’t always afford us the luxury of easy access to nature. This is why taking a yoga retreat or yoga teacher training program in a location that affords you this opportunity can be a great way to shed layers of conditioning and expedite the process of tuning into mind and body, breaking old habits and creating new ones.

Do yoga in Costa Rica

At Shades of Yoga we have hand-picked our two special training locations precisely for this reason. Our yoga teacher training programs are run in the jungles of Bali and Costa Rica. Doing yoga in Bali or yoga in Costa Rica will give you the opportunity you need to decompress as you learn about yoga as an unparalleled psychology of mind.

One of the key teachings of the yoga practice is that we are not separate from nature; rather, we are one and the same. We come from the earth and one day will return there. It can be easy to forget this when we spend our days running from a temperature controlled room to a temperature controlled car, watching tv or working in buildings with artificial lighting.

Returning to ‘source’ makes us feel good.

Practice yoga outdoors

Spending time in the outdoors increases our levels of vitamin D. This is important when it comes to combating symptoms of osteoporosis, cancer, depression and even heart attacks. More than that, it increases our experience of happiness and improves our concentration.

Iguana Lodge, our training location in Costa Rica, epitomises this connection. Do yoga in Costa Rica with Shades of Yoga and you will

  • Have exclusive access to a pristine private beach;
  • Practice yoga outdoors daily in a yoga shala that connects you to the elements;
  • Have jungle guides on hand for when you want to explore;
  • Have opportunities to surf, and
  • Have hammocks you can lounge in while you relax with a good book.

Get back to your true nature with a month in Costa Rica; recharge the batteries and experience yoga in nature.

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