Go Outdoor and Find Your Inner Peace, Yogis!

find your inner peace
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Go Outdoor and Find Your Inner Peace, Yogis!

Slow Down, and Tune in with Nature

During your teacher training with us in Ubud, Bali, you will notice that the Balinese are striving to live in harmony with nature. Respecting nature is a part of Balinese philosophy called Tri Hita Karana. It believes that there are three paths to well – being. The first is being in harmony with people. The second is being in harmony with nature and the last is being in harmony with God.

In the modern world, we try to manipulate nature to fit in with our hectic lifestyles. We close windows and turn on the air conditioning. We switch on lights so that we may stay up after the sun has set. We don’t consciously listen to the sound of the birds or appreciate the fragrance of a flower. Most people in the modern world would not notice the full moon or even the new moon. In contrast, there is a Balinese tradition that celebrates both the full and new moon. The Balinese wake up at sunrise and rest when the sun gets too hot. Nature is well respected and her rhythms are woven into daily life.

Living in a harmony with nature can be challenging. It means that we slow down when it is raining hard or when the sun is at it’s highest point. Stop. Slow down. Look at the sky. Smell the flowers. Time and schedules melt away.

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Connect with Everything

An amazing realisation occurs when we slow down and let ourselves become immersed in nature. We begin to feel connected. The feeling of separation falls away. We watch the ants and become fascinated by them. We look at the cows in the morning and compassion stirs in our heart. We ride the waves and surrender to the power of the ocean. Ego starts to soften.

Recognize The Divine in Everything.

As you let go of your ego and start to respect everything around you your compassion grows. You become focused on what you observe. You find your own inner peace and strength. You connect with spirit – the Atman.

You feel connected to the Divine, God, or whatever you call it – a powerful, loving presence. When you look up into the trees or at the animals, you start to recognize the Divine in everything else. You feel this presence loving and supporting you. In this way, being outdoors in nature brings you closer to your Higher-Self. So in between your yoga classes, feel free to play outdoors. Immerse yourself in  nature and find your inner peace!

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