Green Juice Fast

I drank only green juice for 5 days…

Eat Your Drink and Drink Your Food

I just wanted to swallow the juice without tasting it, but a friend with diet experience instructed me to keep the juice in my mouth before swallowing. What I noticed was that my mouth stimulated production of saliva. The saliva generated is what my stomach requires to digest whatever is in my mouth. My mouth is the point of entry to my stomach. My tongue senses what is in my mouth through taste. Therefore my tongue is the initial sensory input and point of contact for my stomach.

Preparation for a fast

  • I didn’t eat meat or dairy 5 days before the fast.
  • The day before the fast began I ate only fruit and salad.

Fasting Experience

Day 1

I tasted the green juice. It was disgusting! It tasted so bitter. The juice was made of vegetables: broccoli, zucchini, cucumber, parsley. Yuck! I just drank two big glasses and swallowed without tasting.

  • I was hungry. I was hungry all day the first day.
  • At lunch I wanted to quit.
  • At dinner I wanted to quit.
  • My dreams were different. I dreamt about cigars.


Day 2

Again the juice did not taste good. Everybody told me I had become “softer”, after hearing me instruct a morning yoga class. I did not perceive a difference of myself.

Day 3
  • Green Juice actually began to taste sweet.
  • Woke up earlier than usual.
  • By cutting sugar out from my diet, I began to taste sugar that is naturally contained in things that are usually not sweet at all: vegetables.
  • People commented that I was “lighter”. I felt light-headed.
  • Extremely hungry.
  • I did not feel dopey and woke up early because I was never full enough to activate my parasympathetic nervous system.

For dinner I wanted to drink 2 large juices to stop the hunger. My friend stopped me. Our stomach is only as big as our two hands cupped together. Any more stretches our stomach and is ultimately detrimental to our health.

Hunger is an illusion. We are internally-instructed to eat more to feel full. Our body does not need extra contents. Our mind does not crave any extra material. If what wants food is not our body, and not our mind, yet we still feel hunger, there must something else inside us. I called it “The Demon”. By obeying The Demon’s demands, we empower it. Through denying The Demon what it demands, we weaken its grasp over us, removing what is muting our body’s sensitivities, enabling us to listen directly to what our body needs to function, and tune in to the subtle messages of the mind.

Day 4

People are getting concerned that I am not keeping it together.

Twisting poses in yoga are becoming difficult. Looking up to my top hand makes me dizzy. I do not feel different, but others tell me that my eyes have been rolling back in my head. I kind of walk in a state that is beyond fatigue.

Taught a sequence in class. The feedback was that my “Savasana was very good”. Last time my Savasana was delivered with a voice that was too hard, not soft enough.

  • Hunger has sharpened my drive to succeed. I am super motivated to set up a business venture. Everybody I speak to is supportive of my ideas.
  • I have become more aware of sounds around me, of fluctuations in temperature, a dragonfly landed on me when I was in Trikonasana.
  • Went to my brother’s going away party with delicious food and drink everywhere. Vegetarian options available. I abstained.
 Day 5
  • Again woke up early.
  • Defecated for the first time since fasting. Felt like my body finally managed to expel whatever was deep inside me that had to leave.
  • I am noticeably thinner than when I started this fast. Excess fat has disappeared from the naval.

Yoga practice was intense. I sweated a lot. My sweat was intensely salty. I knew at this stage that the toxins had finally risen to the surface and had left via my skin. Medications, food additives, vitamins that were not properly absorbed, all had been pushed to the surface and were no longer a part of me.

Coming Off a Green Juice Fast

I ate a bowl of papaya and banana for lunch.

At dinner I ate a salad. It took me AGES to finish the plate. My stomach had shrunk, and I had mastered the internal voice that tries to deceive me about perceived hunger.

I realised that my blood is made entirely of whatever I put in my mouth. I became intricately aware of what my food is made of and have become selective about what I will eat from now on. It is not every day one gets the opportunity to choose one’s blood composition. I have 5 new rules:

  1. No Meat
  2. No Fried Food
  3. No Dairy
  4. No Sugar
  5. No Ice

Now I need to learn how to put all the weight back on that I lost, while eating healthily.

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