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Experts in their Fields

Sharing their Knowledge with our Students

We are dedicated to providing our students with the best learning experiences. It is for this reason that we often invite guest lecturers and experts in specialised fields to share their knowledge.

Louisa Sear


A World-Renowned Yoga Teacher Shares her Wealth of Knowledge

Shades of Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training School - Guest Lecturer - Louisa Sear

Louisa has dedicated her life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She has studied many Yoga styles and has undertaken long periods of meditation with many different Yoga Masters.

Louisa is the owner and Director of Yoga Arts based in Australia, and regularly joins Shades of Yoga Teacher Trainings to share her wealth of knowledge with our students.

Her slow-flow vinyasa classes are world famous, as is her ability to lecture on the fundamental principles of yogic philosophy.


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Simon Borg-Olivier


A Passionate and Regular Contributor to Our Courses

Shades of Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training School - Guest Lecturer - Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon has a MSc in Physiotherapy and is a Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s most established and respected yoga schools. Simon’s style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga.

Simon has been teaching since 1982 and is a registered physiotherapist, a research scientist and a university lecturer. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is a regular contributor to Shades of Yoga courses.

Ian Weinberg


A Pioneer in the Application of Psychoneuro-Immunology

Shades of Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training School - Guest Lecturer - Dr Sujatha Kekada

Ian Weinberg is a practising neurosurgeon and a pioneer in the application of psychoneuro-immunology, PNI, the scientific study of the influences of mind states on immune function.

Passionate about human consciousness and its enhancement, Ian developed a comprehensive coaching programme in 1992 which has evolved to the present time.

Based on the integration of the neurosciences with PNI, the program is designed to enhance wellness, performance and leadership in the personal, clinical and corporate environments.

This programme is supported by a unique online diagnostic tool which provides accurate quantification to the user. This tool allows the user to measure traditionally unquantifiable elements during the neuro-coaching (neuromodulation) process, allowing facilitators to assist their coaching clients to make adjustments “as they go”.

Additionally, Ian facilitates corporate-based workshops as well as workshops for the training of coaches seeking accreditation in the use of the programme.

2019 is the year that Ian will be bringing his wealth of research and knowledge, accumulated over 3 decades, to Bali, Indonesia, where he will be running short retreats in which he will take course participants on a journey beyond their own conciousness.

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Corinna Botoulas


Awakening people to their life’s potential through Astrology

Shades of Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training School - Guest Lecturer - Dr Sujatha Kekada

Corinna enjoys awakening people to their life’s potential. She believes that a deeper self-understanding of ones capabilities, talents, skills and weaknesses in advance, leads to minimize suffering and accentuates life’s benefits. She loves, that this assists one in knowing what unique path each of us must travel in order to achieve wisdom.

Corinna has been running workshops in Africa and Europe and now finds her self bringing her wealth of knowledge to Bali , where she integrates her love for Yoga and movement into her workshops

Corinna Botoulas is a graduate of Astrology. Her passion lies in empowering people in discovering their inner soul-full selves through the science of Astrology.

Below are some of the amazing internationally world-renowned teachers that Corinna has studied with:

Corinna started out studying modern astrology with the Cynthia Thorburn School of Astrology (2007-2009), after which she began studying medieval Astrology with The Rod Suskin School of Astrology as well as with Astrologos (2010-2014). Fascinated with Horary, she became a graduate of the School of Traditional Astrology in 2016. Currently she is studying Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan

Dr Sujatha Kekada


Sharing her Expertise on Ayurveda with our students

Shades of Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training School - Guest Lecturer - Dr Sujatha Kekada

Dr Kekada is a certified Ayurvedic doctor (B.A.M.S), who completed her degree in Karnataka, India. She has worked as Ayurvedic Doctor in one of the most respected and successful clinics in Kerala, South India.

She has also practiced as a consultant in Europe and at one of the top health retreats in Asia. Dr. Kekada’s knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her warm and caring nature has facilitated deep healing for many people.

Dr Kekada is a guest teacher that lectures on Shades of Yoga’s “Yoga of Food” module.

As a mother of two, Dr. Kekada is also able to offer sound advice for pre-and post-natal care, including appropriate medicines and treatments.

She uses her knowledge and practical expertise on Ayurveda to help our students gain a deeper understanding on this ancient Indian tradition that goes hand in hand with yoga asana.

I believe I made a right choice to attend this course because the instructors precisely taught me each item with clear objectives. The training location where many yoggies gather was great and made me excited.The experience I gained through this training will positively influence on my future Yoga life.

Chinami Sasaki
RYT200 Graduate

This was my first YTT and the beginning of a beautiful journey. Thanks to all the teachers & my fellow colleagues. Bali was the perfect spot to start the spiritual journey.

Irene Barbitta
RYT200 Graduate

Our instructors were incredible. They were professional, knowledgable and supportive. I recommend Shades of Yoga 300RYT to anyone who is looking to progress to the next level with their teaching and personal practice!

Carolyn Wiens
RYT300 Graduate

Justin Robertshaw


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant & Yoga Teacher

Shades of Yoga | Yoga Teacher Training School - Guest Lecturer - Justin Robertshaw

Justin is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Coach and Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Permaculture practitioner. He began practicing and studying yoga in a self-practice format in 2004 and has been teaching since 2009.

He runs international Yoga and Ayurveda retreats, Ayurveda workshops, talks, 1-on-1 consultations and mentoring.

As a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant he has continued his practical studies interning with the Indian doctors at a highly respected Ayurveda Pancha Karma centre.

His Yoga practice led him to share his knowledge with others and in 2010 he completed a 2-year Yoga Alliance 500-hour RYT training and has since completed Matthew Sweeney’s 300-hour Vinyasa Krama Level 2 Teacher Training.

Justin spent significant periods of study and training with highly respected teachers including John Scott, Philippa Asher, Gingi Lee, Prem and Radha Carlisi and David Swenson.

After completing a Permaculture Design Course in 2015 he spent 6 months interning at the Kul Kul Permacultue farm/training centre at Green School, Bali.

Some other projects he has undertaken include developing a garden at an Ayurveda Pancha Karma Centre in Bali, managing the landcare at Mooji Sangha Bhavan ashram in Portugal, teaching permaculture to local schools in South Goa, India and working with a local permaculture charity in Kashmir.

Justin’s practice and teachings embrace Ayurveda, Ashtanga yoga and other asana based practices, Meditation, Pranayama, applied work on consciousness and techniques in transformational life coaching.  

His wish is to empower and inspire people to lead and maintain a truly holistic life.