What happens in a Yoga Teacher Training?

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A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training overview.

You’ve been doing yoga for a while now, you love it, as it makes you feel great. You have decided that you are ready to start teaching your own classes.

So you do your research and book in to a yoga teacher training in an exotic location, far from your everyday life. And now you are wondering what to expect…

What happens during the training?

During the training the students will learn everything there is to know in order to be a yoga teacher. They will learn all the basic yoga postures as well as the theory. They will learn how to teach and will gain the tools, knowledge and experience to start leading their own classes.

A typical day of a training starts with a 30 minute meditation followed by pranayama breathing then the students own asana practice. After that there is time to relax and enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast. Then there are classes where the students learn all the basics of yoga theory.

The topics will include the history of yoga, the types and styles, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, yoga philosophy, sequencing, Sanskrit definitions, anatomy and physiology, functional anatomy, the theory and benefits of asanas, posture adjustments, the chakras, pranayama and breathing, meditation and other health and wellbeing topics such as diet and Ayurveda.

In the afternoon, there are asana classes. In these classes the teacher breaks down the yoga sequences and goes through and teaches each posture individually. They will explain the theory on each asana, their benefits and how to do them properly.

The teacher will share their knowledge of body alignment and biomechanics and they will watch each student’s practice and make sure they are integrating their knowledge and performing the asanas correctly. These classes will also teach the student how to lead classes of their own. The day will end with a meditation or relaxation exercise to wind down.

There will be assignments to do throughout the course as well as exams. The assignments may be on topics such as how to put together a yoga sequence for a specific outcome such as to loosen the hip muscles or to gain arm strength or it may be on the Sanskrit names of the postures.

The students will have taught their first asana sequence by the end of the first week. At first they may find this challenging but as the course continues they will gain skills and confidence and by the end of the training they will be well trained, experienced and thoroughly comfortable and confident to teach.

By the end of the course the student’s knowledge would have deepened, their bodies would be stronger and their endurance would have increased. Often a spiritual transformation has occurred and the student will return home healthy and inspired, with a positive outlook and perhaps a new career.

Shades of Yoga Yoga Teacher Training School

Shades of Yoga is a RYT 200 and 300 internationally recognised (Yoga Alliance) yoga teacher training company running year-round yoga teacher training courses in Bali and Costa Rica.


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