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Our team of international teachers have all submitted articles about the yoga lifestyle, tips and tricks for the yoga teacher and many other topics that would be of interest to you.  It’s with great passion and love for the topic that we publish these articles and hope you learn something of value for where you are at in your yoga journey.

Accommodation in Ubud

With thousands of accommodation options to choose from in vibrant Ubud, Bali, the choice can feel quite overwhelming. From small local homestays to extravagant villas and resorts, Ubud has a myriad of accommodation selections. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing...

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Anatomy of Movement – Muscles

Today we will focus on movement. So, lift your arm up. Wow, how did that happen? You just wanted to lift your arm up and it just lifted up. Can you explain what you did for that action to work so effortlessly? In most cases we cannot tell which muscles took part, or...

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Exploring Uluwatu

Uluwatu is located on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, at the very most southwestern tip of the island. Uluwatu is known for it’s limestone cliffs, magnificent beaches, and world class surf for both beginners and professionals alike.  Uluwatu is also...

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Taking a look around Ubud

From a variety of temples and lush green rice paddies to monkey forests and waterfalls, coffee plantations and amazing restaurants, the lively town of Ubud truly has a lot to offer to its visitors. While the majority of your time will be spent in class,...

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New healthy options to eat in Ubud

It's not just about the course...GET OUT THERE! There are so many places in Ubud to eat healthy in Ubud. Still a new places are opening up offering new tastes, new atmospheres. We will focus on two:The Mudra and The Spell Creperie. Both of them are on the Gootama...

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Explaining Yin Yoga

The umbrella term for the physical practices of yoga is Hatha yoga. There are many types of Hatha Yoga. The dynamic styles of Hatha Yoga which focuses on muscle tissues are considered to be yang style of practices. Yin Yoga focuses on more static tissues....

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