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Personal Power with Manipura Chakra. Are you the person that everyone admires or do you feel you have low self-esteem issues. Are you confident and cool, or do you go through bouts of unworthiness. We all go through different situations in our life which leaves a memory or an impression of Yoga Teacher Training. These impressions further influence how we act and react to the next upcoming situations in our life.

We are so fortunate that there are several subtle energy systems that give us guidance to how our feelings affect our physical bodies which in turn give us clear sign as to what we need to work on. One such subtle energy systems which is mentioned in the Upanishads and then arose in Tantra tradition is the Chakra system. A Chakra is a subtle energy point in the subtle body. There are seven major chakra as enlisted below and we speak of the Manipura Chakra today.

  1. Muladhara or Root chakra
  2. Swadhisthana or Sacral chakra
  3. Manipura or Navel chakra
  4. Anahata or Heart chakra
  5. Visuddha or Throat chakra
  6. Ajna or Third eye chakra
  7. Sahasrara or Crown chakra

Our Manipura chakra is located in the area of the solar plexus. Now, the chakras itself cannot be seen, but they play an important role of a guide in our lives. Mani means jewel and pura means city or place. This is the location of the shining gem, where we identity with our own expression of self-identity. We step into the world stating that we have something to contribute and our life has a purpose. We find the power to freely express ourselves through what we are good at. When the Manipura chakra is restricted or blocked, if you feel a sense of unworthiness, low self-esteem and are unable to make decisions for yourself. When your manicure is its in shining state, you emerge as a power figure with radiance.Manipura

The color of this chakra is yellow like the color of the sun and the element of this Chakra is Fire, Tejas, Agni & it manifests in the body as heat, the digestive fire. It relates to the endocrine glad of the pancreas. Hence, if our solar plexus center or our manicure chakra is not in balance , the body gives you signals like stomach aches, anxiety, diarrhea, digestive discomforts and abdominal pains.

There are several ways to help balance the Manipura chakra, through appropriate diet ,nutrition and clean eating. Food is a great way to heal the body hence the mind. Experiment with warming foods like pumpkin and lentils as a soup. Daily affirmations like “ I trust my inner power” could prove useful.
We are fortunate that the body gives us signs and signals to give us an understanding that there is a slight imbalance in our subtle energy system which is thereby affecting our mind status as well. We can use these Chakra system to live a more fulfilled life. And even perhaps go a step further and practice life in a manner hoping to achieve balance through all the chakras in the body allowing for a free flow of energy upwards. Work in progress, One step at a time.

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