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Medicinal Charcoal Detoxification

Why detox:medicinal charcoal

The point of detoxification is to to stop toxins before they harm the body.  Toxins enter the body in a variety of ways from breathing, consumption of water and food and skin contact with various entities. Toxins are responsible for compromising the body’s health – causing illness, premature aging, cell destruction, allergies and more. ‘Detoxing’ is crucial to maintaining a healthy body and cellular balance.  Activated charcoal can and should be incorporated into all natural body cleanse and detox programs, as it is considered one the purest, most effective ways of eliminating toxins from the body.

How it is consumed and worked into the body:

charcoalMedicinal charcoal is consumed orally: a spoonful of the black powder substance is mixed with clean water, drank and followed with more clean water.  As the charcoal flows through the body naturally, harmful toxins that are too large to pass through the body bind to the charcoal creating a complex cell which is slowly absorbed into your digestive system or the blood vessels that surround the digestive tract.

The charcoal does not interfere with the natural biology of the body nor does it attach to vitamins or nutrients. It simply attracts and eliminates unnatural substances harming the body.


In addition to detox benefits other common uses of medicinal charcoal are:

  • Ease of digestive problems: elimination of gas, acid reflux, diarrhoea
  • Antidote for poison: to counteract food poisoning, drug overdose and poisonings bites (spiders, snakes, bees, etc)
  • Disease treatment: warding off gout, cholera, worms and small pox
  • Infection Treatment: urinary tract infections, pink eye, ulcers
  • To sweeten the breath and eliminate all odours attained from smoking.


In short, medicinal charcoal is a great substitute to pharmaceutical drugs.  It helps eliminate the body of harmful toxins and treat diseases naturally.   Medicinal charcoal has been used for centuries – it is not habit forming nor does it have side effects, it is approved by the FDA, never expires and is available worldwide at affordable prices. Shades of Yoga recommends speaking to your doctor first if taking any prescription drugs.