Music as A Form of Vibration

Music as a form of Vibration

Music as A Form of Vibration

Maybe you have been thinking of bringing music theme  into your next yoga class but not sure about the relation between music and yoga, this is the article for you.

Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Sounds are generated from vibration. Music is a wave of vibration through a medium, for example through the strings of violin.

Scientists from Pythagoras to Isaac Newton have long studied this. We have also understood that everything in the universe is vibrating at one level or another. Everything you see around you.

The issue that we encounter is that we are vibrating at different level, and that creates our sense of separateness. This sense of separateness makes us suffer, because we are always looking for the sense of connection, with the big universe. But we are not separated, we are – as Rumi said – a foam on the surface of the ocean. We live in an ocean of vibration, and we are all connected.


Connecting to The Universe Through Sound

Traditionally we have tried to connect to that big universe through sounds. In the Vedic time, we started to practice mantra meditation. The sacred Gayatri Mantra wasintroduced and is still practiced in Hinduism now.

In the modern yoga teacher training class, weoften hear and make the sound of “aum”. The sound of aum is seen as the vibration of the divine, the vibration of the universe. It is believed the most powerful sound, the mother of all other sound.

Sound has been introduced as a healing tool. Sounds have been connected to our well being, it affects our physical, mental and spiritual state. Different kind of sound will ignite different kind of emotion and habit. There are studies that show how different kind of music that is played in the restaurant or in supermarket will result in different customer behavior.

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Integrating Music to Yoga Practice

Music itself is a powerful thing, and must be used strategically and carefully in a yoga session. For example, playing a love song might take practitioner away to her or his memory, and not being present on her or his practice. Songs with lyrics might be too distracting for the mind too. The loudness of the music should not be overwhelming or drowning the voice of the teacher.

One of the golden rule of adding music into your yoga physical practice is that the music should enhance the focus to the practice and not distracting.

It should keep the practitioners present in the practice.

A lot of musician have created music that is suitable for yoga practice. To mention a few : The Cinematic Orchestra, Armand Amar, Dave Willocks up to Moby. The variety is endless, it is your own choice and music taste that will bring your personality into your practice.

As long as the the music is supporting the purpose of your class, the music is a powerful tool. So feel free to get groovy in your next asana!

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