Yoga Music, Lecture and Film List

We have has compiled an audio and visual list in order to appeal to those that are interested in broadening their yogic knowledge but are not particularly drawn to, or enjoy, spending their time reading. Ranging from music by the likes of Deva Premal, Nature Quest and others (to help facilitate your meditation or asana practice), lectures by some of the foremost minds in the world (such as Alan Watts, Caroline Myss, Jack Kornfield and others) and films to help broaden your horizons, we hope that you gain valuable insight from this list.

As always, please ensure to regularly check the list, as we will update it constantly.


  • Amrit KirtanSacred Circle
  • Andrew Brel Music for Lumeka
  • Brian L Weiss MDMeditation to Inner Peace, Love and Joy
  • Celestial 7Golden Atlantis
  • Chakra’s DreamMystery of the Runes
  • Chinmaya DunsterSpirit Lounge
  • ComorosIndian Meditation and Yoga Moods
  • David Lord, Natalie Shaw and Tim WheaterInvisible Journeys
  • Dean Evenson and Walter MakichenGolden Spa Tones
  • Deva PremalThe Essence and Love is Space
  • Deva SudhaHealing Vibrations
  • GraceGraceland
  • Hsu Ching-YuenMantra of Joy
  • Inlakesh The Dreaming Gate
  • Kailash KokopelliInner World Music
  • KaruneshGlobal Spirit and Secrets of Life
  • Marina RayeLiquid Silk
  • Matt ColdrickMusic For a Busy Head
  • Mathew ComptonEssential Music for Healing
  • MindlinkArchangel Meditation
  • Miten and PremalTrusting The Silence
  • Nature QuestSpirit Dreams
  • Snatam KaurAnand and Divine Birth


  • Alan WattsDo You Do It, Or Does It Do You
  • Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief
  • David Deida – The Way Of The Superior Man
  • Dr Wayne DyerBeing In Balance and How To Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want
  • Caroline MyssEnergy Anatomy
  • Don Miguel RuizThe Four Agreements
  • Dr Susan KrieglerSacred Meditations
  • Esther & Jerry HicksThe Vortex Book
  • Lama Surya DasBuddha Is As Buddha Does
  • Louise L. HayPower of Your Spoken Word
  • Lynne McTaggartThe Field
  • Jack KornfieldThe Beginners Guide To Forgiveness and Meditation for Beginners
  • Michael GannonAwaken Your Life Force
  • Rhonda Byrne The Secret
  • Sharon Gannon and David LifeWarrior to Sage Sequence and Setting Intention and Sun Salutations


  • Louise L. HayYou Can Heal Your Life
  • Infinity – The Ultimate Trip
  • Maha Sadhana – The Great Practice
  • Yogasynergy – Secrets of Yoga
  • Qatsi Trilogy – Kayonisqatsi, Powaqatsi, Baraka
  • Peaceful Warrior
  • Food Matters
  • Food Inc.
  • Home
  • Zeitgeist Trilogy
  • The Marketing of Madness
  • What the Bleep?
  • I Am
  • Supersize Me


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