New healthy options to eat in Ubud

healthy options to eat in Ubud
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healthy options to eat in Ubud

It’s not just about the course…GET OUT THERE!

There are so many places in Ubud to eat healthy in Ubud. Still a new places are opening up offering new tastes, new atmospheres.

We will focus on two:The Mudra and The Spell Creperie. Both of them are on the Gootama Street. On the same street with our amazing Ubud venue, Taksu Spa.

The Mudra offers a cozy atmosphere with a vegan friendly menu.

Mudra only have space for 15 people and they prepare everything fresh with a different menu in the day from the evening.

The servings are very generous and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Make sure you schedule in a meal there during your visit with us.

The Spell Creperie has a very special decoration. You find yourself in a fantastic fiction world.

The menu resembles a spell book and the dishes have names of the characters of popular fiction stories like Merlin, Harry Potter, the Hobbit and don’t miss The Holy Grail!

The crepes are delicious, vegan friendly and come with a healthy salad with a juicy sauce.


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