Practice Teaching for Yoga Teacher Training


Why Shades of Yoga places such a large emphasis on practice Teaching sessions:

There are many RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programmes to choose from out there, however, few of them offer the amount of ‘practice teaching’ that Shades of Yoga does. Shades of Yoga students start teaching in the first few days of their 21 day Yoga Teacher Training course.

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There are many yogi’s out there that have excellent yoga practices. However, having a great personal yoga practice does not necessarily mean that they will make a good yoga teacher.

Knowing what to do with one’s own body is vastly different from being able to tell others what to do with theirs.  The ability to tell another person how to move their body in the dynamic way that physical yoga asana requires is a skill that requires a lot of practice, and one that improves only with practice.

It is for this reason that Shades of Yoga dedicates such a large amount of time of their RYT 200 Hour course to this exact discipline.

Shades of Yoga ‘practice teaching’ classes focus on teaching the students the skills that make the difference between becoming a good yoga teacher, and a great one. These include correct sequencing skills, voice projection, awareness of all pupils in class and safe and ethical adjustment techniques. Volunteers with very little or no yoga experience are used for the students to practice on, as well as the other pupils in the class, ensuring that Shades of Yoga’s pupils are rehearsed in not only teaching yoga to people that are familiar with it, but also those that are not, creating a well rounded, thoughtful and skilled yoga teacher.



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