Restorative Yoga Sequence to Soothe Upset Stomach

Restorative Yoga Sequence -Yoga Asana
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Restorative Yoga Sequence

Having upset stomach and not knowing what to do for your practice? An important aspect in our teacher training is to learn how we listen to the wisdom of our body. During our Self Practice, we write down our observation of our body and adjust our sequence to accommodate what our body exactly needs at that point.

What Is A Restorative Pose?

So, restorative pose is what we should do when our body needs healing, relaxation and restoration. This pose aims to relax the body more than to stretch or strengthening it. Use bolsters and other yoga props to help entering the pose on less challenging depth.

The Sequence to Soothe the  Stomach

Here is the list of the poses and its variation to help you soothe your stomach.

Start by a couple of Sun Salutation A to warm up the muscles a little bit.

Crocodile Pose

From Downward Facing Dog, come into Plank. Then slowly lower down to the stomach. Keep the legs straight back and the crease of the knees are facing up to the ceiling. Place a bolster behind your back and then let your hands stack on top of each other. Then rest your forehead on the back of your hands.

Half Frog Pose

You may keep the bolster on your back. Then slowly bring your right knee to your right, opening your right hip. Keep your right foot dorsiflex. You also may the slide a bolster under your right thigh. Then stay still. After one minute, slowly slide your right leg straight back, and change side.

Child Pose

From the crocodile pose, walk your hands under your shoulders. Then slowly pushing your body up and roll back into child pose. Keep your knees separate from each other and place a bolster in between your thighs. Slowly lower your torso down.

Half Happy Baby

Another restorative yoga sequence, Slowly lift your upper body up from Child Pose, and place your hip to one side to the mat, and swing your legs forward. Lay on your back with both legs stretched out. Bend your right knee to your chest, and grab the outer side of the right foot. Stay here for a minute. Change side.

Modified Knee to Chest

Bring your left knee to chest and place your right thigh over the left. Grab the shins of both legs and pull them gently toward the chest. Then stay still for a minute. Change side.

Modified Corpse

Place a bolster underneath your knees and place another one on top of your stomach. Relax and allow the body to heal.

Wishing you a delicious healing restorative session!

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