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RYT200 Morocco Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 200 Hour

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Taghazout, Morocco

The RYT 200 hour Shades of Yoga teacher training course in Morocco is Yoga Alliance accredited and internationally recognised. Completion of our RYT200 Yoga course provides you with the knowledge and tools to successfully transform your own life.

Spend a month on the shores of Taghazout, Morocco taking the next step in your yoga journey. Deepen your practice in the richly colourful culture of Morocco. Full of beauty and simplicity, between the unique energy and the open landscape, you will have plenty of opportunities to find perspective and balance. Through the medium of yoga and this RYT 200 course, you will deepen your personal practice while simultaneously being a catalyst of transformation for others worldwide.

Shades of Yoga - RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training

Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher Training School in Morocco

What our RYT200 Course Covers

  • Daily Asana practice
  • A lot of vinyasa practices
  • Yin yoga practices
  • Workshop style practices for Kinesthetic learning of the key asanas
  • Daily meditation practice
  • Daily Pranayama practice to discover different key Pranayama techniques
  • Yoga history – connecting with the source
  • Deep exploration of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    • Philosophy of Raja Yoga
    • Delving deep into the wisdom of eight limbs of Raja Yoga
    • Self-empowerment through integration of Yamas and Niyamas
  • Energy Anatomy and Chakras
  • Adopting wisdom of yoga in transforming one’s practice and life
  • Anatomy
    • Anatomy of movement
    • Bandhas
    • Nervous system and yoga
    • Posture clinics
    • Injuries
  • Ayurvedic life style
  • Adjustment skills
  • Individual attention towards perfecting the self-practices
  • Self-discovery
  • Sequencing
    • Energetic balance in sequencing
    • Sequencing sustainable classes
    • Focused sequencing
  • Sharpening teaching skills
    • Teaching practice in a safe environment
    • Individual feedback to sharpen the teaching skills
    • Mastery in teaching a full 60min sequence.
  • Introduction to prenatal yoga
  • Introduction to senior’s yoga
  • Ethics of teaching the wisdom of yoga in today’s culture

The RYT 200 course in Morocco is designed to take you beyond the physical yoga practice of asana.

We believe in the importance of approaching yoga from a holistic point of view and focus our training on life-skills while providing tools to live your true passions as a yoga teacher.  

We believe in Empowerment, Balance & a Healthy Lifestyle.

In this 200 hour, Yoga Teacher Training Course we explore the effect of diet in our yoga practice and encourage our students to adhere to a simple and balanced diet during the course. You will leave the course with the tools to continue living an empowered, balanced and healthy lifestyle outside of Morocco.

The RYT 200 course is designed not only for aspiring yoga teachers but for those who are looking to immerse themselves in a month of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation through yoga and meditation.

Shades of Yoga - RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training - Over 10 Years Experience

Over 10 Years Experience

Shades of Yoga has over 10 years of Yoga Teacher Training Excellence.

Shades of Yoga - RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course - Small Classes

Small Classes

We keep our courses to a maximum of 16 students and guarantee one primary teacher per course

We look forward to welcoming you in Morocco for our next 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Shades of Yoga - RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Qualification

Take the Next Step. Get Qualified...

Get your Yoga Alliance certification and start sharing your teaching knowledge with your own students.

Morocco RYT200 Teacher Training Course

Weekly Training Schedule

Upcoming RYT200 Courses in Morocco

Sep 02

Morocco RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training

2 September - 25 September
3 Spots Left


Get your RYT200 in the rich culture of Morocco...

Deepen your yoga practice in the richly colourful culture of Morocco. Experience a transformation of a lifetime with our RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training.

Next Course: 2 September 2019


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Excl. Accommodation
  • Full tuition fee
  • Delicious breakfast daily (Excl. days off)
  • Course manual
  • Welcome gift
  • Pay OnlineCredit Cards Accepted

The training experience was unique and life changing. The venue was mystical, spiritual, all trainers were experienced, wise and guided me very well through my practice and teaching materials were well prepared. I would highly recommend them to anyone who would like to change his/her life.

Gokce Goksu
RYT200 Graduate

I love Yoga and Shades of Yoga followed through with the love. I'm so happy with my experience and I'll definitely continue their training to complete more hours!!!

Claire Alexandra Raper
RYT200 Graduate

Shades of Yoga is a brilliant school. I feel I was given all of the tools to effectively and safely teach yoga. I love that Shades of Yoga teaches how to teach safely and with proper alignment.

Lora Kaminsky
RYT200 Graduate
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