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RYT300 Bali Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 300 Hour

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Singaraja, Bali.

We invite you to join us in beautiful Singaraja, on the north coast of Bali for our next 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Our 300 hour training is accredited with Yoga Alliance.

With a 200 hour prerequisite after completion of the 300hr graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT500.

Our 300hr team has been dedicated to training teachers for over 25 years.

We guarantee a quality training with a highly skilled, senior yoga teaching team, with between 25 – 38 years of yoga teaching and yoga Sadhana practice behind them, providing our participants with authentic, high quality tuition, based on depth of experience.

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Important Note:

The 500h designation refers to the total cumulative hours of both programs once study has been completed.

Self Exploration

“Teaching yoga needs the commitment of self exploration and mindfulness. Our commitment lies in the ability to have the courage to put self inquiry as our priority. Starting at this point we can then guide others, under no illusions of grandeur, ego or our own agendas.”~ Louisa Sear

“When we choose to teach, we have an added responsibility to give the best that we can. We need to start to prepare and harmonise our own body, mind and spirit first. This is essential! It is getting the home in order. When we gain more understanding of oneself we are then in a better position to be of greater service to others.” ~ Louisa Sear

"The experience gained and the tools learned, on this training, will help the individual in all aspects of teaching Yoga and most importantly the living of Yoga 'Being' all that we are, 'truth'. Hari Om Tat Sat.”

~ Louisa Sear

Our Objective

Our objective is for our graduates to be able to have the required skills to teach safely and comprehensively to all levels & conditions of the individual students, to encourage awareness of how the tools and techniques of yoga can bring about inner transformation.

The challenging nature of our courses offers the opportunity for optimum growth and evolution, self inquiry is the essential tool for this, this process that requires change is not always comfortable.

Our aim on the 300 hour Teacher Training is to offer our participants first hand experience of immersing oneself in yoga every day, in a conducive environment, learning new skills to refine and deepen ones knowledge, while living a yogic lifestyle for optimum health and well being.

Participants will be observing Mauna (Noble silence) for periods of time throughout the 4 weeks of the Yoga Teacher Training ~ enhancing a deep sense of inner peace and calm, promoting the ideal internal environment for self awareness – enlightened wisdom.

Our trainings are dogma free and take participants to the HEART OF YOGA.

This course offers a comprehensive, intensive and practical training to further develop your yoga teaching knowledge and skills.

We welcome experienced yoga practitioners who would like to further their skills and qualifications in teaching yoga and experienced yoga students who would simply like to deepen their yoga practice and understanding.

Modules on the 300 hr Training

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Adjusting skills
  • Self Inquiry/Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Prop use & modifications in asana
  • Injury prevention
  • Ayurveda
  • Communication skills
  • Practical teaching skills/Practicum
  • Personal programs
  • Philosophy/Rituals/Chanting/Mantra
  • Restorative/Yin Yoga
  • Anatomy & physiology applied to yoga practice & teaching
  • A 300 hour comprehensive training manual is provided for each participant

RYT300 Course

13 February – 12 March 2020

(4 weeks Full-time)

Next Course: 13 February 2020

Course Started

Arival & Departure Details

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in Bali for our next 300 hour Teacher Training.

Why Choose us

Point of difference on our 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training

  • Very experienced senior teaching team with up to 38 years of experience
  • Teachers, teach directly from their first-hand experience of living, practising & teaching yoga, not just learned theoretical knowledge
  • A comprehensive curriculum based on authentic ancient yogic truths
  • Daily schedule designed specifically to support the personal growth of each yoga & yogini
  • Our teachers have a respected International reputation
  • A comprehensive curriculum based on authentic ancient yogic truths
  • A very comprehensive daily schedule, dogma free, transformative and designed specifically to support the personal growth of each yogi & yogini
  • An integral approach to asana, learning all beneficial approaches ie; Vinyasa, Hatha with Iyengar alignment principles & incorporating the use of props and full methodology of adjusting skills, modifications and sequencing, essential for understanding body awareness and safe injury free practice
  • Emphasis on learning the ability to evaluate specific practices for the individual
  • Deepening your own self-practice
  • Spirituality ~ Our yoga philosophy teachings are taught in a way that helps the student grasp this ancient wisdom through simple and clear concepts that will transform their daily life
  • Small groups ~ Our trainings are smaller groups that give you personal attention that is required for a deeper understanding
  • Pranayama ~ Revitalizing our nervous system with the wisdom of pranayama with a daily regular practice
  • Meditation~ A daily sitting practice, developing a grounded foundation in this most important Sadhana
  • Mouna ~ Noble Silence! is practiced through out the training at specific times to integrate and create the best environment for learning and self-reflection
  • We guarantee a quality yoga teacher training which exceeds the required hours set down by Yoga Alliance
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Prerequisite 300 Hour Yoga Training

(RYT500 Yoga Alliance)For acceptance onto the 300 hour Training participants, wanting RYT500 registration with Yoga Alliance, must have completed a Yoga Alliance 200 hours Accredited Training . A copy of your 200 hours certificate, displaying the Yoga Alliance stamp will need to be emailed.

Participants who successfully complete our Yoga teacher training 300 hour course (in addition to their prerequisite RYT200) are automatically accepted to individually register if you choose to, with Yoga Alliance (fee applies) as a RYT500 once you have completed a total of 100 hours of Yoga Teaching which is taken from the completion date of your 200 hour training. Further details can be obtained from the Yoga Alliance website www.yogaalliance.org

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RYT 300 Course & Accommodation

Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding in your Yoga practice.

Next Course: 13 February 2020

Course Started


Yoga Teacher Training


Deposit Required

$1000 Deposit Required on Booking to Secure your Spot

$3900 Course Fee Includes

All Yoga Tuition, Level 2, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual & Handouts

$1710 Accommodation Fee

28 Nights Accommodatioin, Onsite Twin Share Room, All Vegetarian Meals

Pay OnlineCredit Cards Accepted


I just finished my 300 hours RYT Training in Ubud, Bali. The reason why I chose this course is because the syllabus looked very complete and the teachers had lots of experience, well all my expectations were surpassed! The classes are held in a paradise like shala, in an open area surrounded by nature, so you can feel the wind and listen to the birds as you meditate.

RYT300 Graduate

I have learned a lot and would recommend the education to everyone. You will feel tremendous progress on a physical level and if you take enough time to incorporate the information after the end of the course, also on a mental level. There was a wealth of information on muscle groups and how to create Bandhas around joints to create stability to avoid injury.

RYT300 Graduate

Especially it was very helpful to learn how to recruit different muscles to achieve optimal yoga postures and how to create fun & meaningful sequences. During the course, we also had opportunities to teach classes, and the feedbacks I received from the trainer and fellow students gave me some insight about how to improve my teaching skills.

RYT300 Graduate

The Bali Mandala

RYT 300 Training Venue & Accommodatioin

The Bali Mandala is an open place of hospitality for people who seek restfulness in breathtaking nature where you will be transported into a world of tropical beauty and abundance.Free wifi is available in the cozy lounge area on the ground floor below the restaurant. While relaxing in the lounge area you can order fruit juices, lassies, cocktails, delicious homemade cakes, cappuccinos and other coffee specialties.

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Yoga & Meditation Hall

The heart of the Bali Mandala is the yoga & meditation hall with its stunning Indian Ocean view.

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Twin Share Rooms

Onsite twin share, individually designed bungalows at Bali Mandala are lovingly decorated in typical Balinese design captivating natural simplicity. Tasteful furnishings and colorful fabrics highlight the beauty of the natural environment and allows you to feel instantly at home.

To view the Bali Mandala venue please click here.

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Accommodation booking

Once your application is complete and you have been accepted onto ourr 300 hour Training, and after you have transferred your holding deposit, your on-site twin share accommodation booking will be secured along with your place on the training.

  • Location of Venue: North coast of Bali on the fringe of Bondalem Village near Singaraja
  • Accreditation: Yoga Alliance RYT500 with 200 hour prerequisite
  • Course Fee: US$3,800
  • Course Fee Includes All yoga tuition and a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual
  • Accommodation Fee: $1710 includes 3 meals a day, tea, coffee & drinking water during meal times
Shades of Yoga Yoga Teacher Training RYT 300 Venue - The Shala Bali

Facilities & Activities at Bali Mandala

Rest on the lounge chairs under the shade of tropical trees, watching the ocean and the neighboring fishermen. Swim in the sparkling spring fed swimming pool under the protection of the beautiful water goddess Devi. You can rent a kayak or try stand up paddle boarding. Snorkel out to the reef, just 200 meters from Bali Mandala, to view rare tropical fish and stunning biodiversity in beautiful coral gardens, play badminton or table tennis. Explore the nearby beaches, Temples and villages.


The climate in Bali is tropical all year round. It can be slightly cool in the evenings and mornings. The climate is humid and hot all year round and it can rain heavily at times, therefore, be sure to bring wet weather gear.

Shades of Yoga Yoga Teacher Training RYT 300 Venue - The Shala Bali

The Bali Mandala Onsite Restaurant

Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included in your accommodation fee during the 4 weeks of the training. This includes coffee, tea & drinking water during meal times. The restaurant provides stunning views of Lava Beach on the Indian Ocean. Indulge in Asian delicacies during the buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner while enjoying the simple beauty of the seaside and palm grove surrounding you. The kitchen serves Ayurvedic inspired meals with a variety of delicious dishes and local, fresh produce. Meals are wholesome, light and tasty and freshly prepared according to seasonal supplies. ‘Soul food’ and a healthy diet are of equal importance in the Bali Mandala Restaurant.

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Bali Mandala Spa for Ayurvedic & Spa Treatments

Indulge from head to toe in the Bali Mandala Wellness Spa. Enjoy Ayurveda treatments and various types of traditional, healing and energizing massages. The open Ocean view pavilion and Balinese Spa with its tropical patio are pure oases of calm and serenity. Various cosmetic treatments, rejuvenating massages and sensual tropical flower baths enhance deep relaxation and restoration of spirit while the distant sounds of waves and meditative tunes softly embrace your whole being.

Silence is observed for periods of time throughout the 4 weeks of the 300 hour YTT.


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