The seat of our personal power, Manipura chakra

Manipura chakra
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The seat of our personal power, Manipura chakra

The word chakra is not unfamiliar in todays moderns world. We have so many lovely chakra meditation sessions, chakra healing sessions, chakra crystals, chakra balancing therapies. The word and its view points are discussed at several yoga studios corridors. So lets dive into this seven leveled philosophical system of the universe that appears in the ancient Yogic texts.

The word Chakra means wheel or disc and it is defined as a node or a point at which the channels carrying prana or life force energy meet. When we speak of prana or life force energy, we work on the subtle layers instead of gross and physical. The chakras cannot be touched or seen, rather felt and they take on a manifestation in the physical and emotional body.

There are many chakras in the body and the 7 major energy points are as follows:-

  1. Swadisthana or Sacral chakra
  2. Manipura or Navel chakra
  3. Anahata or Heart chakra
  4. Visuddha or Throat chakra
  5. Ajna or Third eye chakra
  6. Sahasrara or Crown chakra

Today we specifically look at the third chakra namely the Manipura chakra, the seat of our personal power and our Ego. The elements of the third chakra deal with autonomy, individuation, will, self-esteem and pro-activity.

These are central to anyone who is looking to heal themselves over all. We live in a fragmented world where there is duality between sides of those controlling and those controlled, passivity and aggression, those who eat and those eaten. To access our true authentic power without diminishing another is key.

When applied on a personal level, a deficient unbalanced chakra might cause a person to retract and that person may not be willing or complacent to move out of his or her comfort zone. On the other side , an excess unbalanced third chakra causes a person to constantly overachieve to seek validation of another.

Our goal is to balance these two extreme sides and work with combination and synergy rather than division and struggle. A well balanced third chakra may look like person with good self confidence, a sense of personal power, and a fine ability to face confrontation efficiently rather than with retaliation. To heal and work with the third chakra, a variety of healing practices can be offered depending on if the chakra is in excess or deficient.

Overall, the chakra system is a fascinating system that gives us a great road map into our emotional and subtler levels of consciousness thereby allowing us to flourish and live a wholesome fulfilling life.

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