Styles of Yoga

styles of yoga

Styles of Yoga

Vinyasa Flow

vinyasaLinking the breath with movement, there is no “perfect form”, one follows the movement that is right for one’s own body. In Vinyassa Flow the emphasis is on the coordination of the breath and movement, drawing the awareness inward. This is a dynamic yoga style, focusing on strengthening and toning the body.


This is a meditative practise focusing on holding asanas for longer. The Sivananda yoga style is perfect for those new to yoga as well as for advanced students. Each session begins with Prananyama (breathing excercises), Surya Namaska (sun salutations to warm up) followed by a series of 12-15 asanas (postures).


This is a vigorous and intense physical yoga “work-out” – it can be physically challenging. Ujjayi breathing is used throughout as well as prescribed driste (focal points) to concentrate and focus the mind. True Ashtanga classes start with a warm-up sequence of 5 Sun Salutation A’s followed by 5 Sun Salutation B’s, then the prescribed flow of postures known as “the primary series.” Ashtanga is a rigorous workout, and although the temperature may vary, it is generally taught in a warm room (as cold air makes muscles contract).


This is a moderate intensity yoga practice. There is very little focus on pranayama and meditation for beginner levels. The emphasis is on proper alignment – particularly for the spine and core of the body. Once the body is aligned correctly in a posture, the healing benefits and energy of the posture are effective. Beginners use props such as blocks, yoga ties, and walls to achieve proper alignment in each individual posture. Strong emphasis is on achieving the “correct” alignment and on holding postures for longer periods of time. Instructors have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


Styles of yoga (Continued)

Power Hour Yoga

This is an intense, dynamic hour of yoga to revitalize, strengthen, tone and energize the body. It will help a person to break free from old patterns so that new worlds can emerge. Through the movement of power yoga, a person can release toxins and peel away tensions, while also calming their minds.kids_yoga_square

Kiddie Yoga

Introduce your children to the life skills of yoga. Let your children play with yoga, move their bodies to grow strong and flexible, and learn to be still and quiet. Kiddie Yoga is a class designed specifically for children. It’s a fun class which uses story-telling mixed with dynamic movement. It will help children to cultivate clear, still minds, so they are ready to meet the demands of school life.

Pregnancy Yoga

This class will help prepare pregnant women’s bodies for childbirth through breathing and safe yoga postures. Blocks, belts and bolsters are used to alleviate tension in the spine and the lower back. Pregnancy yoga will help women to centre themselves and their child through breathing and meditation techniques. It will teach them how to unwind and lose themselves in the tranquil surrounds of the studio. They will also experience guided relaxation, often accompanied by the sounds of rainforests, dolphins and nature.

Hot Box Yoga

Hot yoga is a series of yoga poses performed in a room heated to approximately 38 degrees. It promotes greater flexibility and profuse sweating, which rids the body of toxins.


This is a series of gentle, muscle strengthening exercises formulated by Dr Joseph Pilates during the 1920’s. It is based upon an anatomical understanding of the body’s muscular and skeletal systems. The Pilates teacher creates a comprehensive exercise programme for the client. Classes focus on specific areas individually, while using exercises which integrate the whole body to re-educate and restore it to optimum muscular and skeletal function.




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