Yoga, Meditation & Self-Empowerment Retreat in Ubud


Shades of Yoga recently ran the first in a series of Yoga, Meditation and Personal Empowerment Retreats at Taksu Spa, situated in the heart of Ubud, Bali’s global centre for spiritual tourism.

The retreats are orientated towards giving the participants the tools to transform their lives through daily yoga sessions, active meditations, and lectures designed to help individuals overcome personal blocks that might be hindering them from reaching their full potential.


Our guests were met at the airport by our friendly efficient transport staff and whisked through Bali’s tourist popular South and dropped off at their various hotels in the beautiful town of Ubud located in central Bali.

After a casual ‘meet and great’ the evening before the week long retreat was scheduled to commence, our guests were shown the venue for the retreat and enjoyed a relaxed dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants that Ubud has to offer. Amidst all the various personalities around the dinner table, a palpable sense of excitement was evident for the week of healing and learning to begin.

The early morning yoga classes were held at the beautiful new yoga shala at Taksu spa which is nestled in the jungle in the centre of Ubud, and allows the calm and peaceful sounds of nature to pervade the sessions. The classes were focused on opening up the body, breathe and mind, and to install some simple, yet dynamic basic fundamentals into each participants yoga practice that they could carry with them for the duration of their years spent practicing yoga. Although there were many different levels on offer, from absolute beginner right through to advanced, much progress was made in each individual in a relatively short space of time during the course of the week.

The daily workshops were a beautiful journey into self empowerment and awareness of what is holding you back from claiming your true power. We began the week with opening and releasing the body and energetic system with Qi-Gong, energy healing and clearing exercises. This identification of, and releasing of what no longer serves you, in order to prepare space for change and growth.

Over the retreat our students discovered the powers of emotional freedom and hypnosis, and essential life tools for managing emotions.

The evening Meditations sessions were a healing journey that supported and integrated the work from the day. Many techniques from more active dynamic styles of meditation, healing sounds, movement and guided journeys were embraced to realign and bring our students back to their center and true nature of inner stillness.

All good things must come to an end unfortunately, and by the end of the week, some incredible progress had been made in each students’ mental, physical and spiritual approach to what it means to be self empowered, to have true love for oneself and to let that energy shine.

Perhaps the most significant learning from the week was the students acceptance of the fact that the best gift you can give yourself, those that are close to you, and ultimately the planet, is a healthy, happy and whole you.

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