Surrender to the Now; Acceptance to Release Suffering.

Surrender to the Now; Acceptance to Release Suffering.
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Surrender to the Now; Acceptance to Release Suffering.

Surrender Instead of Fight

Eckhart Tolle said: “Accepting means you allow yourself to feel whenever it is you are feeling at the moment. It is part of the isness of the Now. You can’t argue with what is. Well, you can, but if you do, you suffer.”

But what is acceptance? In the dictionary it means a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition without attempting to change it or protest it.

It seems simple, but we all know it is challenging when we realized we are at a place that we don’t want to be. Something undesirable happens to us, and we tend to resist because we believe that we don’t deserve it, and that this bad thing should not happen to us. Growing up in Indonesia, Acceptance is a concept that is pushed into me since my childhood. Whenever I was in a challenging situation, my mom would simply tell me: “Accept”. I growled but I did. Deep down I believed that it is a passive approach to life, and with that in mind, I travelled across the globe to find a more aggressive approach to life. Ironically, I came back crawling to this approach in my 40s. What happened to that fury little girl?

Accept What It Is

Well, that fury little girl realized that by fighting the universe, it only brings unnecessary turbulence into your life. When you are young and you think you have the world in your palm, you want to blaze the world under your boots and thinking that you are different than the rest of the world. You separate yourself from the rest. But separation brings suffering. You confuse hard work and determination with arrogance and ignorance. The main idea was that when undesired situation happened, fight the universe. Rocks the world, right? But this actually has pushed us further and further from peace, instead of telling ourselves that it is what it is. Yoga Teacher training

Acceptance does not mean we are passive in life. Acceptance does not mean that we don’t work our way up again. Acceptance does not mean that we agree with, ignorer even like what happened. It is our trust that there is something bigger, and the trust in the universe that we are okay somehow.

Acceptance can also be felt in bigger scale and result in big scale peaceful energy instead of turbulence. I have recently been in New York after the controversial election. I walked through the city, and what I felt mostly in the city is acceptance. People might be shocked with the result, but they accept. There was an amazing energy of acceptance in each corner of this metropolitan. I admire the New Yorkers for this: they are mature souls.

The gift, the Freedom From Suffering

In the moment that we wish things were different, acceptance is a hard practice. The key is to allow ourselves to feel what we feel, to be where we are. Although we might want to change things in the future, we still need to accept things as they are in the present moment. This will spare us the unnecessary life turbulence, and this action will launch us to that peaceful state, away from suffering. Next time things seem tough to accept, take a deep breath. Receive with open arms what happens. Welcome to the Now, and enjoy the journey what life gives, without suffering.

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