Anatomy of Movement – Muscles

Today we will focus on movement. So, lift your arm up. Wow, how did that happen? You just wanted to lift your arm up and it just lifted up. Can you explain what you did for that action to work so effortlessly? In most cases we cannot tell which muscles took part, or how did […]

The Koshas – a Yogic Model of the Body

The Koshas - a Yogic Model of the Body

The Koshas – a Yogic Model of the Body To the Western mind, anatomy is the study of the physical structure of the body.  If we accept that this is the only way to approach anatomy we are unlikely to look any deeper. But what if the body were more than this? Yoga suggests that […]

How Bandhas Stabilize the Joints in Yoga

How Bandhas Stabilize the Joints

How Bandhas Stabilize the Joints The body is incredibly complex. With over 200 bones, hundreds of muscles and just as many joints (as well as connective issue, nerves, organs and cells) it can be difficult to distill information about the body in a way that is easily digestible, and importantly, functional for students. One way […]

Reading List

In an effort to help with your learning experience, Shades Of Yoga has compiled a reading list that features some of the most highly respected and recommended authors on the globe in the fields of spiritual philosophy, nutrition and yoga related anatomy. All of these books are available online from various sources and many that […]