Preparing Yoga Sequences with Peak Pose Focus

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A yoga class can be themed around so many things. The theme can be about a spiritual idea, as well as strengthening certain parts of the body, or a yoga class may aim for an emotional release. Even if you don’t theme your class around a spiritual theme, it’s still nice to inspire your students […]

Tips on Preparing Amazing Yoga Sequences 1

It’s all about intention. The intention is the key when preparing our sequences. The intention defines the action. Even a simple and clear word “yes” can have so many different meanings depending on the intention. Similarly there are so many ways of putting one Asana after the other, and our prime guide on doing this […]

What are the differences between Hatha and Vinyasa

So what is the major difference between Hatha and Vinyasa? Many students that are choosing a teacher training are often wondering what the major differences are between these two very popular styles. The first thing to remember is that yoga is yoga!! whatever label it wears is more about how things are being sequenced but […]

Where’s Your Head?

Where’s Your Head?

Where’s Your Head? A series to examine how Yoga can help us to show up more fully in life on & off the mat Although I have been teaching Mind/Body disciplines for the last 16 years, it is mind blowing to me how I am always intrigued and fascinated on the subject of the Mind/Body […]

Five Sanskrit Words to Live By


Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism and is used in the spiritual texts of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Through the practice of yoga many of us have come to know some Sanskrit words like namaste, a Hindu greeting,  asana, which refers to the physical postures we practice in yoga and adhomukhasvanasana, better known as […]

The 8 Limbs of the Yogic Path of Raja Yoga

The 8 Limbs of the Yogic Path of Raja Yoga

The 8 Limbs of the Yogic Path of Raja Yoga When we hear the word yoga, most of us think of mats and studios, stretching and balancing. And that’s a part of it, sure, but yoga is a lot deeper than that. Deeper and broader, touching every part of the human experience and giving us […]

What to expect on a yoga teacher training course

What to expect on a yoga teacher training course

Your yoga teacher training course The sun is about to rise over the countryside in Bali.You’re in Ubud, and the town’s local roosters are crowing to let you know that it’s time to start your day. Chances are you’re staying in a home stay close to the heart of town, so you don your yoga gear […]

What is Raja Yoga?

nataraja What is Raja Yoga

What is Raja Yoga? Raja Yoga, or ‘royal yoga’, is the term most commonly given to the system of yoga proffered by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This path is characterized by eight steps or tenets that take the practitioner from ethical guidelines and personal observances that allow for a more harmonious experience of being […]

How Bandhas Control the Flow of Prana Through the Body

In our first blog on bandhas, bandhas were defined as the ‘co-contraction of opposing muscles around a joint’. Bandhas can be used to stabilize joints while moving through our yoga asana practice; making sure the body is safe and supported while we explore. Moving deeper into the body, bandhas can also be understood as energetic locks […]

Bali | Where Surf and Yoga Meet

Bali surf locations

Bali Surf Locations One of the reasons Shades Of Yoga has chosen a beautiful location like Bali to host our yoga teacher training courses is that we can offer our students the benefits that come with being in such an idyllic place.  After the intensity of a week focusing in the classroom and on physical […]