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6 Real Life Benefits of Attending Yoga Teacher Training

At some point or another we all find ourselves feeling burdened by the daily grind, the constant motion, and the glare of our electronic devices. We want to unplug, unwind and ground down – to …

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Karma at the library

Gamelan lessons at the local library

There are not many evenings that you can walk around Ubud without being invited to or at least hearing a performance, usually of dance and gamelan music. The traditional gamelan music carries across Ubud, enticing and inviting to everyone that hears it. One of the best places to hear a concert is just next to the football field in the centre of Ubud, in the large temple. As you walk along the roads next to the field it feels like you are actually attending the concert!

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Yoga, Meditation & Self-Empowerment Retreat in Ubud

Shades of Yoga recently ran the first in a series of Yoga, Meditation and Personal Empowerment Retreats at Taksu Spa, situated in the heart of Ubud, Bali’s global centre for spiritual tourism.

The retreats are orientated towards giving the participants the tools to transform their lives through daily yoga sessions, active meditations, and lectures designed to help individuals overcome personal blocks that might be hindering them from reaching their full potential.


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uluwatu ocean view

Bali’s Kecak Fire Dance

Watching the sun make its steady descent towards a gold and orange infused ocean from the vantage point of Bali’s world famous Uluwatu Temple (Pura), is a must see for anyone travelling to the Island of the Gods.

Uluwatu sunset

The Temple is situated right on the tip of Bali’s southernmost point, the Bukit Peninsula and the panoramic views of the island’s cliffs and Indian Ocean makes you feel like you are standing on the edge of the world. It is clear to see why the ancient Balinese decided to erect one of their most glorious temples here.

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Sari Organik Ubud

Sari Organik: The Essence Of Natural

Sari Organiks embodies many of the values and the movements being made in Ubud, Bali and wider society today. Owned by Balinese chef Nila, Sari Organiks stands for ‘essence of natural’ and represents a model for: independent, local, organic farming with balanced, ethical, environmental sustainability at its core. It aims to educate and inspire others to follow suit and join efforts to grow ‘Green Bali’.

The organisation grows rice and a variety of fruits and vegetables from two of their own gardens around their Bodog Meliah restaurant and in the Bali mountains. In addition to this they process: jams, fruit wines, tofu, soy feta, breads to name a few, and continue to add new, improved foods and healthy produce. This produce is used within their two Ubud restaurants:

Warung Bodog Meliah and one in Penstanan, near Alchemy, with an attached shop and is the hub for their local deliveries for mindful food consumers.

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