What are the differences between Hatha and Vinyasa

So what is the major difference between Hatha and Vinyasa? Many students that are choosing a teacher training are often wondering what the major differences are between these two very popular styles. The first thing to remember is that yoga is yoga!! whatever label it wears is more about how things are being sequenced but […]

Where’s Your Head?

Where’s Your Head?

Where’s Your Head? A series to examine how Yoga can help us to show up more fully in life on & off the mat Although I have been teaching Mind/Body disciplines for the last 16 years, it is mind blowing to me how I am always intrigued and fascinated on the subject of the Mind/Body […]

8 Approaches to Yoga

approaches of yoga

Beneath the broad umbrella of ‘yoga’ are a myriad of approaches that, while different in their appearance, point to the same place; the common goal of self transcendence. This being the case, we can think of these disparate approaches or schools like the spokes of a wheel, the center of wheel being the point at […]

The Symbolism of Wheel Pose (Chakrasana or Urdhva Danurasana)

The Symbolism of Wheel Pose

The Symbolism of Wheel Pose Wheel Pose, which goes by the names Chakrasana and Urdhva Danurasana, can look like the arc of a rainbow. It represents the rainbow bridge of the chakras, psycho-energetic fields that can be thought of as vortexes of subtle energy that ascend along the length of the spine. Were our hands and feet […]

What is Raja Yoga?

nataraja What is Raja Yoga

What is Raja Yoga? Raja Yoga, or ‘royal yoga’, is the term most commonly given to the system of yoga proffered by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This path is characterized by eight steps or tenets that take the practitioner from ethical guidelines and personal observances that allow for a more harmonious experience of being […]

What is Hatha Yoga? 2022

What is Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga? Yoga, as it first appears in the four Vedas (the earliest and most cherished scriptures of Hinduism) is described as a practice of disciplined contemplation cultivated in conjunction with sacrificial rituals. The Vedas are ‘revealed’ literature (dated between 1500 and 1000 BCE), which outlines the spiritual wisdom of the Vedic civilization, […]