5 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

What does it mean to go vegan? It means that you cut all animal products out of your diet. What you’re left with is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In the balanced vegan diet, you get your protein from nuts, seeds, and legumes. While years ago doctors claimed that you couldn’t get enough […]

Ayurveda and Yoga

ayurvedic food

Ayurveda and Yoga are “sister sciences” and go hand in hand as they both stem from the same ancient Indian philosophy and belief system dating back thousands of years. Both approach physical and mental health from the same perspective, that long-lasting well- being takes time, discipline and commitment. Ayurveda is a system that helps maintain […]

Go raw

The Shades of Yoga Teacher Training is held in Ubud: a haven for healthy living, with dozens of the restaurants offering delicious raw, vegan and vegetarian meals. While working on your yoga practice and self-awareness, it’s ideal for experimenting with a completely new diet – and quickly, feel the benefits too! Eating raw is often […]

Alkalize For Flexibility

At Shades Of Yoga we refrain from recommending or promoting specific dietary systems.  We aim instead to give our students guidelines for living and eating in a way that supports health and balance and the energy and vitality to sustain a physical yoga practice. One of the most important considerations for excellent health is to […]