5 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

What does it mean to go vegan? It means that you cut all animal products out of your diet. What you’re left with is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In the balanced vegan diet, you get your protein from nuts, seeds, and legumes. While years ago doctors claimed that you couldn’t get enough […]

Reading List

In an effort to help with your learning experience, Shades Of Yoga has compiled a reading list that features some of the most highly respected and recommended authors on the globe in the fields of spiritual philosophy, nutrition and yoga related anatomy. All of these books are available online from various sources and many that […]

Sweet Nothings – Combatting sweet-tooth

One of the things I come across most frequently in my work with people and food is the “Sweet tooth” syndrome.   These days among the health foodies there are so many sugar substitutes on the market from honey to maple syrup to agave. When it comes right down to it however, they’re all sugar, although perhaps […]

Time to go GREEN

Green Juice green detox

Green Detox We hear it all the time “eat your greens” and most of us have no doubt in our minds that this has its benefits.  Here are a few good reasons to integrate green foods, particularly leafy green vegetables into your diet. Greens are alkalizing. The modern diet tends to lean more toward acid […]

Yoga Food Workshops

Yoga Food Workshops

Yoga Food Workshops – Yoga meets Food in a dynamic interplay of creativity, flexibility, stamina, vitality and balance. Cultivating these qualities from the inside out can be achieved on your mat and in your kitchen. Bringing the two together is a perfect marriage where one compliments and supports the other, allowing you the flexibility, balance […]