Daily practice for Breath Work

Pranayama is one of the most important parts of a yoga practice. It is the fourth limb in the Eight limbed system of yoga by Patanjali. Prana itself is also known as the life force in our body. In Chinese medicine it is known as the Qi. The free flow of the prana is believed […]

The Art of Teaching with Love

Teaching is Living Your Passion As many other teachers in the world, I believe that teaching is my dharma – my purpose in life. Both my parents were teachers, and I have always drawn into teaching. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a teacher is a person or thing that teaches something; especially: a person whose job is to […]

Where’s Your Head?

A series to examine how Yoga can help us to show up more fully in life on & off the mat Although I have been teaching Mind/Body disciplines for the last 16 years, it is mind blowing to me how I am always intrigued and fascinated on the subject of the Mind/Body connection. I feel […]

Conscious Breathing and Scuba Diving

Scuba in Indonesia, Bali

Why is breathing important? Breathing has never received the attention it deserves. In western culture it is not common to pay attention to the “breaths”. Many people ignore breathing, assuming it is a passive activity. When people go scuba diving, they are surprised to learn that each diver has a different breathing pattern. So many […]

The 8 Limbs of the Yogic Path of Raja Yoga

When we hear the word yoga, most of us think of mats and studios, stretching and balancing. And that’s a part of it, sure, but yoga is a lot deeper than that. Deeper and broader, touching every part of the human experience and giving us practical tools to refine our body, mind, and soul. Sounds […]

What is Raja Yoga?

nataraja What is Raja Yoga

What is Raja Yoga? Raja Yoga, or ‘royal yoga’, is the term most commonly given to the system of yoga proffered by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This path is characterized by eight steps or tenets that take the practitioner from ethical guidelines and personal observances that allow for a more harmonious experience of being […]

Self Practice – The Key to Being a Great Yoga Teacher

As part of the Shades of Yoga 200 hr Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training certification, our students are required to complete two ‘self practice’ assignments per week. At Shades of Yoga we believe that it is essential that all of our students have a strong individual yoga practice, as this is the foundation of what makes a good […]