Reflections on my Shades of Yoga 200 HR RYT

yoga sunset in bali

I arrived in Ubud, Bali 36 hours after departure with perfect timing to make my 7:45am introductory RYT course. I encouraged my brother who had never tried yoga to come with me for the day just to kill time.  After the first day, he too decided to join the ‘path of enlightenment’ and spend the next […]

The circle of 5 Elements

the circle of 5 elements Ayurvedic constitution

The circle of 5 Elements A key module covered during the Shades of Yoga RYT 200 hour course is the Yoga of Food. The Yoga of Food is 4 hour module/ informative session incorporating the main differences between Eastern and Western approaches to food and nutrition.  One of the topics covered is the Chinese approach […]

Epsom Salt Gallbladder Flush

As a yogi, practicing saucha (purity of the body and mind) one must try a variety of cleansing procedures, both mental and physical, targeting specific results with a goal in mind. Recently, during a RYT 200 hour course at Shades of Yoga we decided to try an Epsom Salt liver/gallbaldder flush to rid the body of […]